7 Best Lobster Base Substitutes

lobster base substitute
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lobster base substitute

For all the seafood lovers out there, the lobster base is an important part of their kitchens. The lobster base is made in the paste form through the cold North Atlantic water and lobster meat. This past comes with a very pleasant aroma and flavor. Usually, the lobster base will have a light pink hue. On the other hand, if you don’t have the lobster base available, you can switch to the lobster base substitute that we have added in this article. Let’s have a look!

Best Lobster Base Substitute

1. Tomato Paste

Well, this might seem too absurd, but it will work wonders for everyone who doesn’t have a lobster base on hand. With this being said, you need to take one tablespoon of tomato paste and a pinch of paprika on the top. However, it is suggested that you use the canned crab juice or clam juice for diluting and to bring out the right flavor.

2. Stocks

In some cases, when you cannot find the lobster base, you can always switch to the canned lobster bisque because there is literally no difference in flavor and aroma. If you are using the lobster bisque, it is better that you add water to it. Even more, you can opt for natural seafood stock because it brings out that seafood aroma in the dish. You can also use veggie stocks.

In addition to this stock, you can opt for the base that’s commonly used for cooking noodle soups. This base goes by the name dashi and is made from the combination of different materials and soy sauce. It is suggested that you dashi that’s available in the blue packet because others are chicken and vegetables and will not offer the right aroma and taste.

3. Riso

Well, if you cannot find the right substitute for a lobster base, switching to Riso will be a fine choice. With this being said, you need to cook Riso along with veggie stocks. However, before taking it off the stove, don’t forget to add the bisque or butter because it gives a similar texture and aroma.

4. Shrimp

For making the substitute for the lobster base with shrimp, you will need to invest some efforts. In the section below, we are sharing the steps to make the perfect base and paste out there;

  • First of all, you need to boil shrimp in a minimal amount of water and chop it down in the smallest pieces possible
  • Add celery, garlic, and onion and blend it all together
  • Once done, add the dill weed, white pepper, clam juice, and bay leaf
  • Let it cook until you get the right amount according to your preference
  • Once the amount is apt enough, strain out the shrimp chunks out, and the substitute is ready

5. Bullion Cube

For people who don’t want to cook another dish in the name of a substitute, this is the right choice for them. Well, that’s to say because you can add half beef bouillon cube in the dish that needed a lobster base.

6. Lobster Pate

If you cannot find the lobster base and need it desperately, you should try the lobster pate. It is usually available at the supermarkets in the canned fish and tuna section. Lobster pate comes in tin or container, but there is literally no taste or flavor difference.

7. Shells

For the people who are still stuck, this might be their last resort. In this method, you need to use the fresh shells to make the stock that can be used as the lobster substitute. With this being said, take the shrimp shells and heat them with butter for around five minutes. Make sure that the heat is medium and add around two cups of water. Once you add water, increase the heat setting to high and strain it once the 2/3rd part is left.

lobster base substitute
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