Instant Vortex Air Fryer Door Not Closing: 7 Fixes

instant vortex air fryer door not closing
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instant vortex air fryer door not closing

Air fryers have become great cooking equipment and can cook a variety of recipes. The best part of the air fryer is that it cooks healthier forms of your not-so-healthy recipes. This is why people are investing in Instant Vortex but are complaining about Instant Vortex air fryer door not closing. However, we have all the solutions you need!

Instant Vortex Air Fryer Door Not Closing

1) Basket

The basket is an important part of the air fryer, and that’s where you put the food for cooking. With Instant Vortex, the basket is supposed to click into the air fryer oven. In case the door is not closing, there are chances that the basket is not placed correctly. For this purpose, you must take out the basket and place it correctly. Once the basket is placed properly, the door will close down. In addition to this, make sure that the basket has a proper alignment to space.

2) Filling

The basket of Instant Vortex is designed with the markings that show the maximum and minimum level that can be filled. In case the door is not closing, it’s likely that you have filled the basket to the maximum level. It’s best that you keep the level slightly below the maximum level. So, check the basket and reduce the quantity of food in the basket.

3) Incorrect Handle Placement

In case the door is still not closing, the handle placement might be the issue behind this. That being said, the users could try lifting up the handle of the drawer and slide it in. It is highly likely to resolve the door closing issue.

4) Move It Around

If the door is still not closing, you must move around the air fryer (shake it around, you know?). We suggest that you move around the air fryer from side to side. It will ensure that the components come to their place. This is more of a work-around and can resolve the door not closing issue!

5) Rivets

In some cases, the door will not close with Instant Vortex because the rivets have come loose. That being said, the users need to unscrew the rivets and tighten up the handle screws. In addition, make sure that the screws on the handle are placed correctly. Then, screw up the rivets and try closing the door again. We are pretty sure that the door will close.

6) Food Particles

The air fryers are designed to use hot air for cooking the food. However, if you tend to cook to the light foo items, the hot air can blow them around in the air fryer (out of the basket). Similarly, these food particles can cause a hindrance, and the door won’t close. For this reason, it’s best that you remove the basket from the air fryer and clean it up. In addition, make sure that you clean the sides of the door; remove the dust, grease, and food particles. As a result, the door will close down fine!

7) Customer Support

In case nothing seems to work out in your favor and you still have the door issue, just call customer support and ask for the repair services!

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