Instant Vortex Air Fryer Door Not Closing: 11 Fixes

Instant Vortex Air Fryer Door Not Closing
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Instant Vortex Air Fryer Door Not Closing

Recently air fryers have become all the rage. They have a quicker cooking time, are smaller in size, and are even more environmentally friendly than most cooking appliances. The Instant Vortex Air Fryer is a good option among all fryers available.

Instant Vortex Air Fryer Door Not Closing

It is versatile, super easy to clean, works efficiently and fast, and gives perfectly cooked food. Sometimes, however, the air fryer’s door doesn’t close. We have some reasons and their possible fixes. Let’s explore:

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  1. The maximum level reached

The interior basket of the Instant Vortex air fryer comes with markings that indicate the minimum and maximum levels of food you can place in the basket. If the door of the air fryer is not closing, it may be because you have reached the maximum limit.

Recheck the basket’s level and remove something if it is filled to the top. It is always a good idea to fill the basket to a little below the maximum limit.

  1. Incorrect placement of the basket

Another reason why the air fryer might not be closing is because the basket has not been placed into the appliance correctly. The basket is where you keep the food for cooking. It is built such that the basket fits into the air fryer with a ‘click’.

If you think your air fryer is not closing, remove the basket and then place it back in correctly this time. The air fryer’s door should close without any hassle this time.

  1. Putting the door in water

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The door of the Instant Vortex air fryer is removable. It is to be removed for cleaning purposes, but you can only clean it with a surface cleaner and a cloth. It is not dishwasher safe and should not be submerged in water.

If the air fryer’s door is submerged in water, it will soak up the water and lose its original shape or become bloated. This will result in the door not closing. To avoid this, clean the door with a cloth and water, and do not pour water directly over it.

Under no circumstances should you remove the door and place it in water or the dishwasher. It will not only collect rush on the door parts but also render it useless in the long run.

  1. Not closing the door properly

The door may not close because you may not have closed it properly. The door closes with a click as the fittings match their placements. The door may not be closing because you may not be applying the required amount of pressure for it to go in perfectly.

This does not mean you push too hard on the door, which will unquestionably damage your air fryer. You need to put a little force and not close it too lightly.

  1. Stuck food particles

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Air fryers, as their name suggests, are designed in a way that they cook or “fry” food using air. The air may sometimes blow the food particles around and out of the basket. They might get stuck in the door’s way and stop it from closing completely.

There are two ways food particles get stuck in the door’s path. Either you have been cooking something that had light particles that got separated easily and therefore got stuck in the doorway.

Or, the food crumbs may fall down or get stuck when you put the food in the basket while you take it out. It is good practice to clean the air fryer regularly; you should remove the basket and clean its interior and exterior with a cloth.

Also, clean the place where the basket is placed to remove any crumbs present there. Lastly, clean the sides of the door to remove any gunk, dust, or food particles. This will ensure the smooth opening and closing of the air fryer’s door and also make it last for a long.

  1. Distorted Door

Air fryer's door is distorted
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The components of the Instant Vortex air fryer are made from high-quality material, but it is still possible for the door’s shape to become distorted. This happens when you use the air fryer to very high temperatures, that is, more than 400 F.

The constant exposure to heat might damage the door’s original shape and will not allow it to be closed. In this situation, the only solution is to replace the door with a new one.

 Avoid setting such high temperatures regularly to make your Instant Vortex air frying unit last longer. It is not just the door they damage; they may also cause harm to the components that are not easily replaceable. And your air fryer will be rendered useless.

  1. Rivets becoming loose

Since the door is the most frequently used part of an air fryer, there is a possibility that the rivets may become loose, and as a consequence, the door may not close.

Close up Rivet gun and Pop rivets
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An easy fix for this is unscrewing the screws, taking them out, and screwing them back in again tightly with a screwdriver. Then, fix your rivets with a rivet gun. Make sure that the rivets on the door are screwed tight, as well as those on the handle.

  1. Improper handle placement

One of the reasons why the Instant Vortex air fryer’s door may not be opening is because of improper handle placement.

If you suspect this is the case, tilt the handle up a little and try to slide the drawer into its place that way. You may have to get the handle checked if the issue is not resolved and keeps happening repeatedly.

  1. Misaligned door

The door gets misaligned when it slides off the pane and is then unable to shut properly. This is especially bothersome because even if you do close the door properly, the sensors on the door will not send a message to the main board that the unit is ready to be cooked.

A misaligned door will therefore mean that it is not just the door that will not close, but your entire unit may stop working. If you have a misaligned door, try fixing it yourself. If you are unable to, then get an expert on board who can fix it for you.

  1. Latch failure

A common mechanism for air fryers to get securely shut is that of a latch. It allows you to close the drawer and then make it stay in its place.

If it does not click into its place, that means the latch on your Instant Vortex air fryer may be malfunctioning or that you did not place the basket correctly. Pull the door out and then put it back in again properly such that it clicks into its place.

If it still does not close, it means there has been a latch failure. Rather than trying to fix it yourself, we would recommend getting your air fryer checked by an expert at this point.

  1. Age

If your air frying unit is very old, it will not work properly. However, if it is old, you will face other issues, in addition to the door not closing.

uch as your screen not working, having a power supply, and yet not functioning correctly. Fixing such a unit will be more expensive than buying a new one, so it is better to upgrade.

Other frequently asked questions when using Instant Vortex Air Fryer

  • How do I remove the Instant Vortex air fryer’s door for cleaning?

Removing air fryer's door
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It is easy to remove the door from the unit. You will have to open the door to an angle of 45 degrees. Then, you must slide the door either to your left or your right and then pull it out. You can now clean the door! Remember to get all the sides cleaned and not submerge the door in water.

  • How do I place the door pack on the Instant Vortex air fryer?

To put its door back, align the door such that it is in its proper place, tilt the door to its 45 degrees angle and then place it back inside.

  • My Instant Vortex air fryer’s display is not working. What could be the reason?

The display may not be working for a number of reasons. There may have been an incomplete electrical cycle because of a fuse or a faulty wire or plug; check all the components thoroughly and replace any if there is a need.

Other than that, the display might not be working because of a short circuit, in which case you will need the help of trained hands. Technical bugs also cause the screen to freeze at times. Rebooting your air fryer will restore the display if it is out because of this reason.

If your display freezes frequently or if you have unresponsive buttons, you should reset the air fryer. This will not just fix any issues with the air fryer but will also update the system.

The Bottom Line

If the screen is still not working, it is mainly possible that there is some manufacturing default. You will have to get your air frying unit checked by the company and have them replace anything faulty for it to work properly again.

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