7 Common Farberware Air Fryer Problems (Troubleshooting)

Farberware Air Fryer Problems
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Farberware Air Fryer Problems

The air fryers are perfect for making healthy meals (and crispy, of course). The element of health has caused a huge boost in the demand for air fryers. This has led to a lot of different brands launching their variants of this amazing appliance.

Anything that can make fries without a drop of oil has to be pure magic. Air fryers come in different sizes that can accommodate different volumes of things that can be cooked inside them at a single time.

At first, people thought that air fryers were just like a toaster oven, cooking food with bare minimum oil. But this has changed over time. Air fryers cook food in a much shorter time duration and do not require any pre-heating.

This reduces so much hassle and makes this appliance an even more important part of most kitchens these days.

Every healthy food fanatic has to have an air fryer in their kitchen so that they are able to enjoy the most delicious food items without the needless addition of oil.

Healthy food in air fryer
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Farberware is a promising brand that makes air fryers. Their appliances are quite popular in the kitchenware world. But like most kitchen appliances, the Farberware air fryer can encounter certain minor problems.

In this article, we will be sharing the most common problems associated with Farberware air fryers and their solutions.

Farberware Air Fryer Problems

1. Indicator Light Isn’t Working

For proper cooking (or may we say the air-frying) experience, the indicator lights must be working fine. This is because the indicator lights are responsible for indicating if the food is completely done or not.

In case the indicator light is not working with the Farberware air fryer, it’s because of a wiring issue. It also happens because the light bulb has burnt out. In both these cases, the wiring and light bulb will need replacement or repair.

We suggest hiring a professional technician for this purpose due to the technicality involved. Any inexperienced person can end up causing more damage to the appliance with needless tampering.

2. Handle Has Broken Down

When the door or handle of the air fryer is not opening up or closing down, there can be some obstructions. In some cases, the handle can come off as well if too much pressure is applied by the user at the time of opening or closing the air fryer.

There are chances that some debris can get lodged in the way due to which you might be unable to close the air fryer all the way. It’s advised that you inspect the air fryer and clear up the obstructions.

This debris usually consists of food particles that can be left behind from the last time that you used the appliance. We suggest that you clean the air fryer thoroughly after every usage.

Clean the air fryer
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On the contrary, if there are no obstructions, there are chances that the spring is faulty or the screw has come loose. In that case, technical repair is recommended.

The door of the air fryer is a very sensitive and crucial part of the whole appliance and you must not deal with it by yourself if you do not have the expertise to do so.

3.  Improper Knob

There are two common issues with the knob of the Farberware air fryer. In the first place, the knob isn’t working. If that’s the issue with you, you must ensure that the knob is firmly connected to the air fryer.

Secondly, the knob can come off if the air fryer is bumped roughly against another object or if you packed it up in its box the wrong way. We suggest that you use glue for reattaching the knob.

If the knob is broken, replacing the knob is a better choice. This is because the Farberware air fryers have plastic knobs and tend to break pretty easily. You need to deal with them carefully so that you do not cause such damage repeatedly.

Faberware air fryer knob
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4. The Heating Mechanism Is Broken

When the air fryer does not heat up, it can hinder the cooking performance. Firstly, you will need to ensure that the knob is set to the correct temperature. This is because the correct temperature setting is essential for heating the air fryer.

Secondly, if there are food crumbs in the air fryer, it can impact the heating mechanism negatively; just clean up the air fryer properly.

The wire alignment will also impact the heating mechanism. When the wires become loose or break down, it will disconnect the heating element. In that case, you must repair the wires or replace them if they are damaged.

Burnt wire
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5. Air Fryer Stops Working

When the air fryer stops functioning in the middle of the cooking process, it can get frustrating for sure. This happens when the air fryer is not plugged in properly.

The users need to check the power cable and ensure there are no external or physical damages. There can be some internal issues, such as continuity issues.

For checking the internal issues, use a multimeter because it helps determine if the cable has continuity issues or not. In either case, you have to change the power cable.

Secondly, if there is an electrical overload on the power outlet, it can disrupt the power connection as well. For this reason, you will need to unplug all other electronic devices from the power outlet and plug in the air fryer’s power cable again.

Hand Putting Plug Into Electricity Socket
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It will ensure that the power cable has a firm and secure connection. Also, don’t forget to switch on the power button!

6. Cooking Function Won’t Start

So, you have already layered the food in the basket properly and pressed the button, but the cooking function still isn’t working? Well, in that case, it’s likely that the lid is not closed down properly.

Keep in mind that the air fryers are designed with safety features. That being said, if the lid is not properly closed down, the cooking function will not start. So, check the lid and ensure that lid is locked in perfectly.

7. Food Isn’t Air Fried Properly

Imagine taking a bite and sensing that the potato is uncooked from within. If the air fryer is unable to cook food properly, you need to check the layering.

Potato in air fryer basket
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The users must layer the food evenly in the basket and keep it inside it for the appropriate amount of duration and at the right temperature setting so that the food is thoroughly cooked.

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