Instant Vortex Black And White Smoke: 5 Fixes

instant vortex black and white smoke
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instant vortex black and white smoke

The air fryers are magical kitchen appliances. Be it the perfectly done steaks or crispy fries; it can make everything restaurant-like and healthy. Similarly, Instant has come out with the air fryer oven, known as Instant Vortex. Some of the users are complaining about the Instant Vortex black and white smoke. To be honest, it can make everyone worried, so let’s see what the smoke is all about!

Instant Vortex Black And White Smoke

To begin with, there are multiple reasons whys the Instant Vortex might be giving out the white and black smoke. In this section, we are sharing the common reasons and the solutions to help you out!

1) Rule Out The Smoke

In case you have the white smoke escaping out of the Instant Vortex, you need to consider if it’s really smoke. That’s to say because it can be steam. Steam is a common part of the cooking process. In case the smoke is white and has no smell associated with it, you have nothing to worry about. On the contrary, if it’s not smoke, move to the next troubleshooting method!

2) Fatty Food

With Instant Vortex, the smoke might be the outcome of fatty food. If the food has higher fat content, its grease will start splattering on the heating element. As a result, the air fryer will start escaping smoke. However, if the smoke is due to fatty food, there will be burning smells associated with it. In simpler words, Instant Vortex cannot handle fatty foods.  

In addition to this, it also includes the higher grease and oil content. If you use temperatures higher than 360-degrees Fahrenheit for cooking food, it releases too much grease and oil that leads to smoke.

3) Heating Element

In case the heating element is dirty with grease or oil, it will keep escaping smoke. The Instant Vortex must be kept clean at all times. For this purpose, you must switch off the Instant Vortex and let it cool down. Once it’s cool, you need to clean the inside of the air fryer oven, the heating element, and the coils. Keep in mind that you must clean off grease and food particles. Also, check the bottom of the air fryer and wipe the leftover grease.

4) Food Ingredients

When you crowd the Instant Vortex, it can lead to steam issues. The users must add food in an even layer. To illustrate, even if the food has little oil content, if there are too many food ingredients, it will start smoking. So, we suggest that you reduce the food quantity and the smoking is likely to stop.

5) Burnt Food

In case your food has burnt in the Instant Vortex, it can be one of the reasons why the smoke is escaping out. Even more, if you are cooking light food, the burnt food can even blow around. In either case, burnt food can lead to smoking. So, it’s best to switch off the air fryer oven and clean up the basket. Also, remove the food particles. For future reference, it’s best that you keep a tab on temperature and cooking time.

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