Instant Pot Sterilizer: How Good Is It?

Instant Pot Sterilizer: How Good Is It?
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Instant Pot Sterilizer: How Good Is It?

Instant Pot Sterilizer

These days, everyone is worried about cleanliness and sterilization. There’s never been a more critical time, after all. The good news about this search for sterilization doesn’t have to be an expensive one! It can actually start and end right in your kitchen with an Instant Pot. Here’s everything you need to know about the exciting potential of an Instant Pot sterilizer.

What does sterilization mean?

Firstly, let’s take a moment to understand what sterilization means when it comes to its use in modern-day life. Often confused with sanitation, which is just the fancy word for having proper hygiene, sterilization is a heat-based process where the object in question is substantially heated up to the point where all bacteria are destroyed, and the object is considered sterilized.

Usually, you’ll hear about sterilization used in labs, hospitals, dentist’s offices, and other such places. It’s an important thing for those who are working specifically with health and research. With the current state of the world and people searching for effective ways to keep their belongings and food ware as clean as possible, a sterilizer in the form of an Instant Pot sounds pretty great.

How does an Instant Pot measure up?

One of the neatest details about the Instant Pot sterilizer option is that it holds up really well even when compared to other professional options for sterilization. Yes, the humble Instant Pot can hold its own against a thousands-of-dollars professional piece of lab equipment! Here’s how:

  • Its temperature is consistent and high. As you already know from using and loving your Instant Pot, the temperature that your pot offers up is consistent, carefully regulated, and will get very high when used in the proper setting. These are all things that lab equipment must do to ensure proper sterilization. 
  • Instant Pots are in a league of their own. An Instant Pot is a whole lot more than just an example. Once researchers started realizing its power, they did the same test with other brands and pressure cooking options, and Instant Pots were the only ones who could meet the criteria for professional-grade sterilization. This is important to note if you have another brand.
  • It destroys the heat-resistant geobacillus bacteria as the ultimate test. The actual test focuses on many bacteria, but the one that takes the cake is the fact that the Instant Pot sterilizer can destroy and break down the geobacillus spore, which is stubborn and considered to be the one to watch when it comes to sterilization techniques.

How to sterilize with the Instant Pot

First, place a trivet or a rack in your Instant Pot liner and pour 1 cup of water into it. Place everything that you need to sanitize onto the rack (make sure they don’t touch the water or bottom of the liner). Close the lid and make sure it is on sealing. Press the Steam button and set it to 2 minutes (or as preferred). Once done, let the pressure release naturally for about 5 minutes and continue with a quick release until the silver prong drops (indicating there is no more pressure in the pot). Open the cooker, and you can now take out all the sanitized items.

The verdict

What you need to know, then, is that your Instant Pot can be a tremendous sterilizing option that is going to offer up some soothing and trustworthy results when used correctly. While it’s not a substitute for other hygiene techniques, it can be helpful to know that something as simple as your beloved pressure cooker can give you that little bit of extra security when it comes to sterilizing baby bottles, cookware, and anything else you want to use it for.


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