3 Reasons Why Instant Pot Smells Like Burning Plastic

instant pot smells like burning plastic
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instant pot smells like burning plastic

Bringing the latest electrical appliances to your kitchen is an exciting hobby of many cooking lovers. Several electrical kitchen appliances are actively replacing conventional ways of cooking. The instant pot is one of them. Cooking the first time with Instant pot might get a little tricky. Experiencing the burnt smell of plastic when cooking the first time in an Instant pot is very familiar to many. The smell can be quite awful for many cooks, but you have to hang there and keep cooking. In this post, we will guide you on why instant pot smells like burning plastic and what you can do to avoid it for the next use. Stay with us!

Instant pot, an exceptional multi-cooker, has almost taken a spot in all the kitchens these days. It is a quick and efficient tool to practice cooking gigantic meals. Sometimes, a burnt plastic smell coming intermittently out of the instant pot confuses too many people. Well, let’s discuss why it happens. Read on.

Why Does My Instant Pot Smell Like Burning Plastic?

Here are a few possible reasons your instant pot smells like burning plastic:

  1. First-Time Use:

Instant pot sellers usually calm their customers down by telling them a new Instant Pot always smells like burnt plastic. The manufacturers will tell you to wait until the next two-three uses, as this awful plastic smell fades away on its own. When you usually test your instant pot with boiling water, you will experience the plastic smell the most. 

  1. Protective Layer Covering Doesn’t Get Burned Well:

Another possible reason for your instant pot smelling like burnt plastic is an unburnt protective layer. The smell normally goes away when the additional covering burns with the first use.

  1. Damaged Equipment:

This is a very rare case. But after several uses, your instant pot doesn’t stop smelling like burnt plastic. It means that something is DAMAGED!

Maybe the power cords, inner vessel, and control panel have damaged. 

What Do I When My Instant Pot Smells Like A Burning Plastic?

Well, the first time plastic smell is nothing much to worry about. However, when the smell intermittently stays and never leaves when you cook for the third or fourth time in your instant pot. It needs to be handled immediately!

Here is what you should do when your instant pot smells like burning plastic:

  • First of all, check your instant pot lid if it isn’t melted or damaged because of any reason. 
  • Plug out your instant pot if it is because of the lid. Get a new one.
  • Check the power cords if they are burned. Sometimes the smell comes from the power cords.
  • Inspect the outside vessel carefully to see if there isn’t any damage.

Final Words:

Your instant pot smelling like a burnt plastic is completely fine when you use it for the first time. Sit back and relax if the smell goes away. Although, always try to test your instant pot first by boiling water. Contact your customer service later for the exchange if the vessel is damaged. 

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