How To Calibrate Thermador Oven? (3 Steps)

How To Calibrate Thermador Oven
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How To Calibrate Thermador Oven

If you take extra pride in your cooking and baking, you’ll want to be sure your oven’s temperature settings are accurate. Oven calibration adjusts your oven’s temperature settings to ensure the accuracy you require for perfect cakes and roasts.

Whether gas or electric, your luxury Thermador oven might need to be calibrated. It’s important to know that Thermador ovens may have different calibration procedures. This is because you get different models. Always check out the owner’s manual.

Thermador suggests you give the manual a good read to familiarize yourself with the features and operations of your new oven.

If you’re still not sure and can’t understand what the manual means, you can contact Thermador customer service. They offer guidance on how to calibrate your particular oven.

The best cooking and baking outcomes

It’s unthinkable that your Thermador oven isn’t allowing you to get your recipes perfect. It may need to be recalibrated, but how? How do you change your oven’s temperatures to meet the recommended baking requirements?

If you have a digital gas oven, you can follow the same steps as you would with an electric oven. Calibrating it can give you the consistent baking and cooking results you want.

Always have a baking thermometer

Cooking experts will tell you to always have a thermometer in your kitchen. This allows you to gauge how accurate your oven’s thermostat is. Do you need to set your thermostat higher or lower?

There are some people who find that even after calibration, they still have to make adjustments each time they use their oven.

Use an oven thermometer if you want to test your oven for hot spots. The thermometer is also useful for finding out where to place your baking sheets.

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Know the ins and outs of your oven

Get to know your Thermador oven. Find out exactly how long it takes to preheat and whether a temperature of 350°F is in fact 350 degrees and not a lot hotter or colder. Did you know that most ovens are off their set point by as much as 50°F?

Here’s How To Calibrate Thermador Oven

Bear in mind that electric ovens do seem to be more accurate with their temperatures than gas ovens. Calibrating a Thermador oven is actually a simple process.

We take a look at three steps to calibrate your Thermador oven:

  1. Start off with a cold oven. Then preheat your Thermador oven. Set it at 350°F. This allows you to take accurate temperature readings. It will ensure your oven is at the right temperature for you to commence with the calibration process. However, before investigating a temperature malfunction, check your oven’s power supply. Any power issue can result in your oven not heating the way it should.
  2. Adjusting the temperature. Once your Thermador oven has preheated, you need to adjust the temperature to the desired setting. The next step is to press and hold the ‘bake’ button on the control panel. Press’ bake’ and then any number between 500 and 550 F. Hold ‘bake’ for 3 seconds. Doing this brings up the calibration mode on the display. Adjust the temperature to the setting you want. People who have calibrated their Thermador ovens will advise you to use an oven thermometer to check the temperature inside the oven.
  3. Save the new setting. Once you have the correct temperature setting, press the ‘bake’ button again to save your new temperature setting. The calibration process will be completed when you see ‘CAI’.

Different oven models and different settings

Calibrating always allows you to change your cooking parameters to work with your recipes.

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These 3 steps mentioned below are for selected oven models. That’s why we say you need to look at your Thermador oven owner’s manual. Your calibration process might not be the same as with your friend’s Thermador oven.

  1. Go to the settings menu on your Thermador oven display and choose ‘Temperature Offset’.
  2. Offset your oven by plus or minus 35°F in 5°F increments.
  3. Save your settings. With the settings saved, your oven will have been changed to suit your cooking and baking preferences.

Ovens have hot spots

All ovens have areas that get hotter than the displayed temperature. Temperatures can vary. How to stop these hot spots from occurring will require you to perhaps keep that area clear or to get your oven serviced or checked out. 

Bear in mind that the placement of oven racks can affect your baking and cooking. Most ovens are hotter at the top. Things on the higher racks cook faster. So it becomes important to rotate your pans from top to bottom and also from front to back.

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The area in front of the fan tends to get hotter than other areas. Also, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that convection ovens do cook food quicker. A good tip is to set it 25° lower than what your recipe says.

Your Thermador CAN be a splendid addition to your kitchen

Your Thermador oven is guaranteed to be a splendid addition to your kitchen. However, for an oven that isn’t cooking evenly, your baking results aren’t what was expected, or your food is taking too long to cook, refer to the manual.

The manual will tell you where your racks should be positioned and how to adjust oven calibration. Your new Thermador oven is already carefully calibrated to provide accurate results.

However, the temperature can be altered if your cooking or baking isn’t producing satisfactory results.

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There is always customer support

By following these three steps, you can adjust the temperature to the desired setting and save the new temperature setting for future use.

Thermador knows you have made a considerable investment with your new oven. They are there to support you so that you get the best use from your oven.

For any trouble, call the customer support team at USA 800-735-4328, or check out so that their service team can help you.

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