Does Meat Need To Be Submerged In A Slow Cooker?

Does Meat Need To Be Submerged In A Slow Cooker
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Does Meat Need To Be Submerged In A Slow Cooker

Slow cooking is the ultimate grind for people who cannot stand in the kitchen all day long. This is the prime reason that multiple high-end slow cookers have been designed. However, people tend to be very conscious about using slow cookers and cooking because of the electrical configuration.

Similarly, these slow cookers have various limitations, so if you are considering, “does meat need to be submerged in a slow cooker?” we have the answers for you!

Does Meat Need To Be Submerged In A Slow Cooker?

Submerging The Meat – Right Or Wrong?

Well, the answer is both yes and no because the answer depends on what meat cuts you are cooking. First of all, if you are going to slow cooker and steam the meat, you don’t need to add water. In case you want to cook the meat through steaming, you will need to turn over the meat after every few minutes. In addition, if you are using uncut meat, you will need to retract the foreskin for a promising outcome.

In addition, if you want to add water, the quantity of gravy will majorly impact how much water do you add. In case you want to add the potatoes or other veggies on top of meat in the slow cooker, you will need to add more water. To be honest, around half or one cup of water is more than enough but add one cup of water only if you are adding the veggies.

This is primarily because when meat cooks up, it will excrete the juices as well that will add to the liquid content of the meal. Also, for everyone interested in cooking lamb shanks, make sure it’s submerged to two-thirds part of the shank and you will need to turn around the shank after every fifteen minutes. In addition, you need to be mindful of the heat because it must be ample enough for steam creation.

With lamb shank, you need to make sure that the third part of the top third part of the meat is free from water because it is essential for releasing the steam and braising. So, this is it about the meats that have limitations with water.

The Meat Cuts & Types That Need Water

Sure, there are some meat types and cuts that need water or liquid for cooking. For instance, if you are cooking meats with higher fat content, such as pork shoulder, lamb shank, chicken wings, beef shin, or drumsticks, you don’t need to add water because they will naturally release the liquids once you start cooking them.

On the other hand, when you have to cook the lean meat cuts, such as chicken breast, fillets, you must add water, or otherwise, it will turn dry and scaly. During slow cooking, you need to cover the lean meat with water (submerge them) because it helps with optimizing the tenderness level. In the case of lamb shanks, you only need to add water to initiate steaming.

Even more, if you need to cook the boned meat, you need to use higher liquid content or water because water must cover the bones.

Dry Cooking

The short answer is yes, you can use a slow cooker for dry cooking but only use the food items that already have ample liquid content in them. With this being said, dry cooking is suitable for meat cuts that have higher fat content. All in all, the amount of water that you add to the slow cooker will directly influence the cooking outcome.

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