3 Reasons Why Your Slow Cooker Is Not Boiling

slow cooker not boiling
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slow cooker not boiling

Slow cookers, as the name implies cook food slowly. A person can argue that slow cookers are fairly useless because we can use a gas burner and a thick bottom pot to slow cook as well. But it’s not just the slow cooking that makes a slow cooker unique, it’s convincing and multi-heat setting.

A slow cooker normally comes with 4 interchangeable heat settings, warm, low, normal, and high.

Almost all newly manufactured slow cookers have a low setting that provides a temperature around 88 degrees Celsius, and their high setting can go up to 150 degrees Celsius. Whereas, the warm setting is around 75 degrees Celsius.

Here in this article, we will tell you why your slow cooker is not boiling your liquid.

Reasons Why Slow Cooker Not Boiling

1. Set on the wrong setting

As previously mentioned, the warm and low settings both provide temperatures below 100 degrees Celsius. Especially the warm setting that will keep your food at around 75 degrees Celsius internal temperature. If your slow cooker is set to low, the only thing it can do is cause a slow simmer after cooking for a few hours.

The keep-warm setting, on the other hand, cannot even induce a slow simmer. This setting is only used to keep your food warm for later consumption.

So if you notice your food not boiling, we advise you to check the temperature changing nob. If it’s set to either warm or low, change it to normal or high.

2. Lifting your lid

No matter whose recipe it is that you are following, lifting the lid is always considered a bad move when cooking with a slow cooker.

Slow cooker settings, low and normal – especially low – work on the principle called building temperature. Meaning, the slow cooker builds temperature over time without increasing it. This type of slow and gradual increase in temperature is what causes your meat to get juicy and extremely tender.

Lifting the lid off of your slow cooker mid-cooking interrupts the heat building process. As a result, it takes a lot more time to once again build-up to the required temperature. If you’re wondering why the stew is not boiling or simmering per the time given in your recipe. The reason might just be lifting the lid off of the slow cooker multiple times.

Make sure to resist the temptation of lifting the slow cookers’ lid. If it somehow gets removed, make sure to add 15 minutes to the cooking time if you are cooking on low.

3. Faulty components

A slow cookers’ thermostat is the component that maintains the temperature at a particular level. The heating element is what provides the heat. What happens when one or both of them get ruined?

If one or both – thermostat and heating element – get ruined, the slow cooker will either stop working or will only work on low, medium, or high setting. If somehow the setting gets stuck on warm, then no matter what changes you make through the knob it will not get your water to boil.

If something like this happens make sure to call customer service and ask them for a replacement or bring the slow cooker to an electrician for repair.

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