5 Ways To Fix Cuisinart Pressure Cooker Won’t Pressurize

cuisinart pressure cooker won't pressurize
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cuisinart pressure cooker won’t pressurize

Having trouble with your Cuisinart pressure cooker? What to do when your Cuisinart Pressure cooker won’t Pressurize? Is it time to dump it and buy a new one? Just hold that thought for a moment. Because it might not be your cooker that’s causing the pressurizing problems.

Here in this article, we’re going to state the most obvious mistakes that people make due to which their Cuisinart Pressure Cooker won’t Pressurize. And solutions on how to overcome those mistakes.

Why My Cuisinart Pressure Cooker Won’t Pressurize?

If you’re sick of facing the same old pressure problems with your Cuisinart pressure cooker, you should reconsider your method of using it.

Here are some of the basic mistakes that you must be made because of which your Cuisinart pressure cooker won’t pressurize.

  1. Not Enough Water Inside

When using your Cuisinart pressure cooker, always remember to fill it up with at least 1/2 cup or 1 cup water or maybe, even more, depending upon the recipe. If you don’t want to add water, you can add some other liquid that you like, maybe a sauce.

But after adding the liquid inside the cooker, just cover the lid and do not stir the contents inside. Stirring must be avoided when you’re using a Cuisinart pressure cooker for cooking your meals.

  1. Extra Thick Sauce

Obviously the next mistake is stirring. When you stir the contents, your gravy or sauce gets thicker and this makes it harder for the cooker to cook properly. This is probably the reason why your Cuisinart pressure cooker won’t pressurize.

To rectify this issue, you need to open your cooker’s lid and add some liquid inside it. This will make the sauce a bit liquidy and thin.

  1. Using a Misfitted Gasket

Using a misfitted gauge also results in your Cuisinart pressure cooker failing to pressurize. You can simply check the gadget beforehand and make sure if it correctly fits the size of your cooker.

Just adjust the gauge before you turn the cooker on. The gauge is a very important part of every pressure cooker. It can cause you to leak the pressure during cooking and this way your Cuisinart pressure cooker won’t pressurize.

  1. Loosened Pressure Release Knob

If your Cuisinart pressure cooker has a loosened pressure releasing knob, it’s obvious that it won’t pressurize.

For this, you need to make sure that your Cuisinart pressure cooker is completely sealed before you start cooking. Check if the valve is indicating the “SEALING” or “VENTING” position beforehand to avoid issues.

  1. Over-Filled Cuisinart Pressure Cooker

Always fill your cooker carefully with liquid. Going past two-thirds of the portion will result in a problematic situation where your Cuisinart pressure cooker won’t pressurize.

The solution is simple. Don’t overfill your cooker. Even if you’ve added extra liquid in it, just take some of it out before sealing the life of the cooker.


So, this is probably why your Cuisinart pressure cooker won’t pressurize. Try avoiding these common mistakes next time.

cuisinart pressure cooker won't pressurize
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