Creme Brulee Not Setting: 3 Ways To Fix

creme brulee not setting
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creme brulee not setting

Crème Brulee or also known as burnt cream, burn cream, or trinity cream is a famous dessert enjoyed by people all around the world. The dish contains a rich custard on its base which is then topped with a layer of hardened caramelized sugar. This dessert is a part of French cuisine where they usually flavor the custard vanilla. Additionally, the custard is slightly chilled when serving it.

The top layer of sugar heats the custard on top while the rest of it is cold. Getting back to its taste, people might also flavor the custard something other than vanilla depending on their preferences. While this is an amazing dessert to eat, people can have issues with Crème Brulee not setting. If you are also running into this problem then here are some steps that should help you in fixing the issue.

Creme Brulee Not Setting

  1. Check Cream and Egg Yolk Ratio

You can identify that a crème brulee is not setting with a single glance. Though, trying to understand what is causing the issue is another story. There are many reasons why you can run into this problem which is why trying to fix it can be a little complicated. However, if you carefully check everything then you should be able to identify what was causing this. Once this is done, you should also be able to prevent the same problem from happening in the future.

Getting started on what could have gone wrong, the first thing that you should check is the ratio of egg yolk and cream. These are two of the most necessary ingredients required when making crème brulee. Although, people can easily get confused on how much of these should be used. If you follow multiple recipes then these can confuse you even more as people suggest different ratios.

Luckily, there is a simple rule that you can follow which should help you in preventing your ratio from running into issues. This is using 3 egg yolks for a single cup of cream used. It is mostly recommended that you use heavy cream for the best results. If you were using half and half cream then that is most likely you were having trouble with the crème brulee setting. If you intend to use this cream again in the future then you can put 4 egg yolks instead of 3 to help with the dish setting.

  1. Cooking Properly

Another problem that people can have when preparing crème brulee is that they do not cook it right. Just as we mentioned above, there are numerous recipes that you can find online for this dessert. However, keep in mind that every chef or instructor has their style of cooking. Considering this, people who tend to follow several recipes will run into issues with dishes like these.

Additionally, the crème brulee not setting might not be your fault but the instructors instead. Though, there is something that you can look out for to help in fixing this issue. Make sure that you pour your crème brulee in the right size of ramekins. Using large ones will cause the dessert to have trouble setting down. Furthermore, you should also pour hot water into your dish where the ramekins are to help in sitting down. This is necessary as the brulee will not settle down without the hot water.

  1. Cooking It for Long Enough

When it comes to baking or cooking your crème brulee, you must preheat the oven at 365 degrees Fahrenheit. You can then bake the dessert for 35 to 40 minutes and take it out when you think it looks perfect. Usually, people put their crème brulee in the oven for too short of a time which can make it runny.

This means that the dessert is undercooked and will be extremely wiggly. Additionally, another thing to keep in mind is maintaining the perfect balance of temperature when preparing the dessert. Either heating the oven too much or too low will both provide you with issues. These can completely ruin the dish which is why make sure that you are careful with your timing. Although, if you try baking the dessert several times then you will get the timing mastered.

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