Bosch Oven Temperature Calibration (Step By Step)

bosch oven temperature calibration
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bosch oven temperature calibration

Ovens are crucial for every home, but they are useless if they aren’t properly calibrated. This is because the calibration can directly influence the heating, baking performance, and temperature range. That being said, Bosch oven temperature calibration is a sensitive matter, but we have all the information you need!

Bosch Oven Temperature Calibration

When it comes down to Bosch oven temperature calibration, it’s a tricky business, and calibration is actually different for electric ovens and gas ovens. In this article, we are starting with the calibration of electric ovens.

Calibrating The Electric Oven

When it comes down to Bosch electric ovens, calibration is much simpler as compared to ovens with digital temperature control and analog temperature control. That’s because you only need an accurate thermometer. So, let’s get to calibration, then;

  • Take the oven rack and put it in the central area and place the thermometer in the middle of the rack, and shut the door
  • Set the oven’s temperature to 350-degrees Fahrenheit and keep the thermometer inside during preheating (don’t open the door because it can lead to inaccurate settings and readings)
  • When the oven reaches full temperature, check the readings on a thermometer through the door (in case you cannot see through the window, just open the oven door and check it yourself)
  • If the thermometer’s readings are high or low by 15-degrees by 350-degrees, you’ve to take off the temperature knob and check for the screws
  • If the oven’s temperature is rising, the screws need to be turned in a clockwise direction. However, if the oven’s temperature is dropping, turn them in an anticlockwise direction (make sure to go slow while turning the screws because a slight change in speed will escalate the temperature)
  • Now, retest the Bosch oven to make sure it’s achieving the correct temperature settings. If the temperature is not on point, repeat the calibration process

On the other hand, if your Bosch oven has digital controls, you have to check the instruction manual and change the temperature accordingly. This is because some models have menu prompts for changing the temperature, while some use arrows. All in all, when you have the right temperature, save the calibrations by hitting the start button on the oven.

Secondly, if you are using a Bosch gas oven, the calibration for ovens with digital controls will be similar to Bosch electric digital oven. On the contrary, if there are no digital controls, the calibration will be much more complicated, which is why you should call Bosch customer care.

What If You Don’t Calibrate The Bosch Oven?

Many people don’t bother calibrating the oven and then end up complaining about poor cooking and baking performance. For instance, it can burn the food, the food might be undercooked. In some severe, you might not be able to set the temperature at all. Some people complain about non-suitable baking outcomes, the food will take too long to cook up, and food’s crust doesn’t become nicely brown. All these issues are enough to tell you the importance of correct calibration, so work on it!

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