How To Convert Slow Cooker To Stovetop? (4 Ways)

convert slow cooker to stovetop
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convert slow cooker to stovetop

For everyone who has a knack for cooking, they are guilty of hoarding multiple cooking appliances. In the majority of cases, we don’t even know how a new appliance works. Having that said, if you were following the recipe that’s meant for a slow cooker, but you want to cook it on the stovetop, we are sharing how you can change the recipe accordingly!

Convert Slow Cooker To Stovetop

It’s needless to say that everyone who loves cooking tends to experiment with different cooking methods. In addition, many of us like to experiment with how a different cooking method will impact the original taste of the same recipe. However, changing the recipe for the different cooking methods will require some precision, and we are sharing that information with you!

1. Soup

If you are using the slow cooker recipe to make soup, you can always opt for the stovetop method of making soup. It’s important to add that soup will be ready in lesser time as compared to a slow cooker, promising quick meal preparation. As far as the cooking instructions, steps, and ingredients are concerned, keep them the same as the slow cooker, and you will be able to achieve the same flavor on the stovetop. To illustrate it to you, it’s better to start with the meat because it needs to be cooked for a little longer. On the other hand, cheese, milk, and cream are added at the end of the cooking cycle because these ingredients don’t need to be boiled.

2. Do You Have A Dutch Oven?

For those who don’t know, the dutch oven is defined as the cooking pot that comes with a tight lid that fits into the pot perfectly. If you purchased the full set of pans and pots, there are high chances that it has a dutch oven, so it’s best to check through the contents of the set. It’s better to opt for the cast iron dutch oven, particularly the ones with an enamel interior. As far as the recipe is concerned, you need to put the ingredients just as you would put in the slow cooker. Then, you can bake everything at 350-degrees Fahrenheit for 1 or 1.5 hours. On the other hand, if the recipe involves a big piece of meat, you might have to increase the cooking time.

3. Casserole

In case you are making some casseroles or similar recipes, they will do perfectly line in the ovens as well as on the stovetop. If you are wondering about the changes that need to be made in the recipe, it’s not needed. However, the cooking time might have to be changed (it can be increased or decreased according to the temperature of your stovetop). If you use the oven, you can bake the same dish for one hour at 350-degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Cooking Time

When you are cooking something on the stovetop, you will need to determine the cooking time. This is because the slow cooker takes longer to cook the food, which means you will have perfectly cooked meat. However, you might need to give some time to meat on the stovetop.

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