Can You Reuse Tupperware That Had Mold In It?

can you reuse tupperware that had mold in it
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can you reuse tupperware that had mold in it

Mold is a common and annoying issue in the kitchen. It can be especially bothersome if you don’t know how to prevent it in the first place. Food is one thing, as it can easily be tossed away even if you worked hard on it.

Tupperware on the other hand is much costlier and something that’s a big part of the kitchen. That’s why people often ask whether or not can you reuse Tupperware that had mold in it instead of throwing it in the trash. We’ll be answering this question today, so make sure to keep on reading.

Can You Reuse Tupperware That Had Mold in It?

The answer to this question is more complicated than a simple yes or no. That’s because Tupperware comes in many different forms, shapes, and sizes. There are different materials used to manufacture it, and taking a look at these materials is exactly what you should do to answer this question.

It goes without saying that certain materials are a lot more expensive than some others. For example, Tupperware made out of plastic will be a lot cheaper compared to Tupperware made out of stainless steel. Take this into consideration and decide whether or not you should reuse the item accordingly.

We recommend that you throw away Tupperware made out of cheaper materials like plastic. Cleaning them thoroughly and making sure there’s no more mold left is a lot more difficult than simply buying a replacement. Just throw these in the bin and get new ones as it’s a better and safer option for most.

On the other hand, we recommend that you clean and reuse Tupperware made out of better materials like aluminum and especially stainless steel. These are usually quite expensive and can serve you for months on without end. Instead of tossing them in the bin, take the time to clean them thoroughly and reuse them once there’s no sign of mold left. It will be completely safe as long as you do it properly and you won’t have to spend extra money for no reason.

How Should You Clean Tupperware with Mold in It?

Now that you know which Tupperware to reuse and which not to, it’s also important to know how to clean it for re-usage in the first place. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide that can help you with this:

  • Cover your hands with gloves or cloth and dump all the food that caused the mold.
  • Pour white vinegar into the Tupperware.
  • Cover the Tupperware and let it sit with white vinegar inside for at least a week.
  • Once time has passed, pour out all the vinegar.
  • Rub soap all around the surface and was the Tupperware with hot water.
  • Dry the Tupperware with a clean, dry cloth.
  • As an extra step, make sure to repeat the previous steps if there’s still a scent of mold. That will make sure there’s no risk in reusing the Tupperware.
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