Can You Bake Cake in Pressure Cooker?

Can Pressure Cooker Bake Cake
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Can Pressure Cooker Bake Cake

Most people know that pressure is a handy kitchen tool that can be used for a wide array of purposes. However, most people only utilize their pressure cookers for preparing meats and veggies in remarkably short periods. However, most people do not know that they can use their pressure cookers for other techniques such as baking.

Can You Bake Cake in Pressure Cooker?

Most pressure cookers come with a range of settings that make it easy to bake certain treats such as fresh bread and cheesecake.

What to remember when using a pressure cooker for baking

When you use a pressure cooker for baking, you will get to enjoy the results in a mere matter of minutes instead of hours. Here are some things to remember when baking using your pressure cooker:

  1. When using your pressure cooker for baking, remember to use a setting that will supply you with constant source of low heat needed to make the dough rise quickly.
  2. Try and pick an easy recipe, especially if you have never attempted to bake using your pressure cooker before. For instance, a simple recipe that you can start with is an eggless sponge cake.
  3. When baking, try and use a sizeable pressure cooker. Because you will have to set your container inside the pot, try and settle for a cooker that is at least 10 or 5 litres, but a 3-litre cooker can also work just as well. You will need to vary your cooking time and the cake pan size that you use for you to enjoy excellent results.
  4. To bake in a pressure cooker properly, you might also need to get rid of the gasket available on the pressure cooker lid. When baking, you will not require the whistle.
  5. Check whether the recipe calls for adding water. Adding water will create a steam-like environment that works great for bread and certain types of cakes. If you want to create an oven-like environment, avoid adding water as the heat created by the pressure cooker will be sufficient to bake your cake.
  6. Before you begin baking, the pressure cooker will have to be pre-heated. To pre-heat it, simply place the lid without its gasket on the cooker and heat on high for about 2 minutes.
  7. Pick the right size of cake pans. The cake pans that you select must be able to fit inside your pressure cooker comfortably without the sides coming into contact with one another.
  8. Although a pressure cooker can be used for baking purposes, it is not necessarily designed to be used for that purpose. As such, it is alright to use your pressure cooker for baking every now and again. If you intend to bake on a regular basis, that is more than once a week, you will need to invest in something more practical and effective such as an oven.
  9. Before you attempt to bake using your pressure cooker, it is always a good idea to check your manufacturer’s manual for safety’s sake.
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