7 Steps To Fix Breville Pressure Cooker Lid Not Locking Issue

breville pressure cooker lid not locking
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breville pressure cooker lid not locking

Pressure cookers have been amazing gadgets throughout history. However nowadays when pressure cookers have evolved to electrical pressure cookers they have become even better. The Breville electric pressure cooker works by heating the pressure cooker unit and there is some pressure developed inside the pot of the pressure cooker. The time of pressure development inside the pot varies from about 5 to 40 minutes. Once you’re done cooking your favorite food you have to release the pressure manually or naturally depending on the instructions related to the recipe.

Make sure that you have removed the pressure of the pressure cooker before you remove the lid of the pressure cooker. These pressure cookers are great for reducing your cooking time and being a helping hand because of their multi cooking option. The pressure cookers that are available nowadays are offering numerous settings for cooking certain recipes. You can use these pressure cookers for Browning and slow cooking of vegetables and other stuff.

However, in some cases, there is a problem with the seal of the pressure cooker which makes it unable to pressurize the cooker and cook properly. It doesn’t matter what type of Breville pressure cooker you choose but if your Breville pressure cooker keeps on releasing the steam or the lid of the pressure cooker does not get closed properly then the pressure cooker will not cook your food properly because it won’t be able to generate pressure for making up the heat around your food.

There are a few steps you must do to check the problem that is present in your pressure cooker.

7 Steps to Fix Breville Pressure Cooker Lid Not Locking

  1. You must make sure that your pressure cooker lid is properly closed. This is very essential because your pressure cooker will only generate pressure after the lid is properly settled.
  2. Make sure that you do not open the lid in between the recipe as it can disturb the pressure formation.
  3. Check your sealing ring if there is any damaged part on it. Sometimes removing the sealing ring can cause damage to it and make it deformed. And this will make gaps between the pot and the lid which can let the pressure escape.
  4. The next thing you have to do is make sure that you have installed the ring on your lid properly. Your lid will not lock until you have aligned the ring properly into place.
  5. Another reason is that the steam release valve of your Breville pressure cooker is not in the right position. This valve is also known as a pressure limit valve. It is secured under the sealing so that pressure is generated inside.
  6. To check your steam release valve you must make sure that this valve is there with its Silicon ring. Sometimes the ring wears out and it stops functioning.
  7. You must check that your pressure cooker is properly cleaned otherwise any part containing the process of food particles can cause it to malfunction. Sometimes food particles are left inside the valve. So you must rinse out every part thoroughly.

Hopefully, this blog was helpful enough for resolving your Breville pressure cooker valve problem.

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