8 Common Aroma Rice Cooker Problems (Troubleshooting)

aroma rice cooker problems
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aroma rice cooker problems

The rice cookers are a blessing in disguise for people who have a hard time cooking the rice to perfection. However, one needs to choose the right rice cookers if they want the right results, and what can be better than Aroma? Nonetheless, there are various Aroma rice cooker problems that bug the users you can have all the information from this article!

Aroma Rice Cooker Problems

1) Keys Aren’t Working

When using the rice cookers, you obviously have to tap and press the keys to set the timing. Basically, you need these keys to operate the rice cooker. So, if it doesn’t work, ensure that the rice cooker is plugged into the outlet firmly. That’s because connecting the power cord with an electric source will ensure that the rice cooker switches on. Secondly, you need to check the pan insertion and make sure that it’s positioned in the right place.

2) Incorrect Function Indicator Lights

The function indicator light is responsible to tell the function and which one is selected. The incorrect function indicator lights are generally caused by incorrect clock time and timer. The easiest way is to disconnect your rice cooker from power and connect it again after a few minutes. When it switches on, see if the function indicator lights work properly.

In some cases, the issue might be because the flashing display has gone bad. For the most part, it happens because of power and voltage fluctuations. It is better that you call the technician and ask them to fix the flashing display for you. If these solutions don’t work, just reset the clock time and start the function again.

3) Reheating Isn’t Working

Aroma rice cookers are designed with the reheat function. It is perfect for reheating the rice but the function is pretty sensitive. In case the reheating function doesn’t work on your rice cooker, you must have chosen the incorrect setting. So, the solution is to check the warm function and ensure that it’s switched on.

4) Clicking Sounds

When the rice cooker starts making clicking sounds, it’s obviously pretty scary (those rice cookers are expensive). However, there is nothing to be worried about with the clicking sounds. That’s because there is no malfunctioning because the rice cooker makes the clicking sounds when it’s adjusting temperatures. So, wait for a few seconds and the temperature will be adjusted. As a result, the clicking sounds will stop.

5) Steam Is Leaking

One might believe that steam is normal with the rice cooker since it’s “cooking” rice. However, Aroma rice cookers don’t leak steam, so when it does, you have to switch it off. Once it’s powered off, do check the inner lid gasket and ensure that it’s placed in properly. The gasket can move out of place, so just position it up properly. If it’s already in place, the gasket might be damaged, and in that case, you must replace the gasket with a new one.

6) Power Failure

To be honest, this is the easiest problem (yes, you read that right). This is because if there is a power failure with the Aroma rice cooker, it will switch on automatically after ten minutes. When the rice cooker switches on, the reset mode will be implied and you need to program the rice cooker. You can also consult the manual to apply the desired settings.

7) Beeping Sounds

Some users do complain about the rice cooker beeping four times when the rice is cooking. It simply means that the temperature is too high and it needs to be cooled down. The turnaround is to unplug the rice cooker and it will cool down within a few minutes. It is suggested to let it cool down for around ten minutes, so switch on the unit and there won’t be any beeping.

8) Extremely Crunchy Rice

Rice is meant to be soft but if the rice is extremely crunchy, you must have added insufficient water. So, you can add some water and cook the rice again. In the start, you can add half a cup of water to ensure the rice is cooking up properly.

Moreover, when you add water, properly stir the rice and water as it ensures consistent cooking. Also, always choose the correct cooking time to ensure the rice is properly cooked!  

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