5 Common All American Canner Pressure Cooker Problems (Troubleshooting)

All American Canner Pressure Cooker Problems
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All American Canner Pressure Cooker Problems

The All American canner pressure cooker is a popular choice for many pressure cooker users. It is a precision system with a metal-to-metal locking system that ensures no steam escapes, and you get perfectly cooked food.

One key feature that attracts people is that there is no gasket in this pressure cooker. As a result, the lid does not get stuck and is easy to take off.

At the same time, users face some problems when working with the All American Canner Pressure Cooker. Let’s see what the issues are and how to tackle them.

Common All American Canner Pressure Cooker Problems

1. Pressure Does not Build

As with all pressure cookers, users sometimes complain of pressure not building in the pressure cooker, and as a result, their food cooks slower. The pressure in the All American canner, in fact, in any pressure cooker, does not build when the steam escapes from the appliance.

This may be the most heard complaint of the All American canner pressure cooker. The reason why steam leaks from this particular pressure cooker are because of the way it is built.

As we described above, this pressure cooker does not have gaskets. So when you place the lid on it, sometimes in a hurry, it can get placed improperly. The two surfaces that need to be appropriately aligned are a little skewed.

This misalignment creates space from where steam can escape. So if your food is cooking slower, check and see if you are placing the lid correctly.


Another hack users swear by is the lubrication of the rim. What you can do is put a little oil, olive, or cooking (it just needs to be food related) on the edge of the lid and the pressure cooker as well.

Lid of an All American Canner with pressure gauge and valve
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This allows the two surfaces to sit together tight, and it does not leave any room for steam to escape. Pressure will build, and your food will be cooked at its usual speed.

2. The Reading on the Pressure Gauge is Stuck at Zero

When cooking food in the All American canner, you may encounter this problem. You will see that the pressure cooker seems to cook, it even rocks as pressure cookers do, but the pressure gauge does not move from zero.

This is not because the pressure cooker is not working, but because there must have been something stuck in the pressure valve.

Sometimes a piece of food can get lodged into the pressure valve, making the gauge unable to read the correct pressure. However, the pressure in the cooker builds as it is supposed to.

If you see the same happening, then check the pressure valve. If there is anything stuck in the valve, clean it as soon as possible to return the pressure gauge to its functionality.

It is a good idea to check all such orifices of the pressure cooker and keep them clean because it is not safe for any pathways to get blocked.

3. Food in the All-American Canner Takes Very Long to Cook

Is the food in your All American canner pressure cooker taking too long to cook? One reason could be what we discussed above: steam leaking from the cooker and not allowing pressure to build, which causes food to cook slower.

We have already discussed the solution to this problem in detail.

There is another reason why your pressure cooker may be cooking slower, and that is being filled beyond its capacity. If there is too much food in the cooker, it will take the cooker longer than usual to cook it.

You will notice a mark in the pressure cooker that indicates the maximum amount of food it can handle. Only fill the pressure cooker to this limit, don’t fill it beyond this. Your food should then be prepared at its usual time.

how much water in pressure canner
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Another reason which causes food to cook slower is adding too much water. An excess amount of water and the pressure system of a pressure cooker do not go well together.

In addition to preparing your food late, too much water can make your food turn out to be really soggy and renders it inedible.

So, if your food is cooking slower, make sure you: put on the lid correctly, and do not overfill the pressure cooker with either food or water.

4. The Pressure Cooker’s Whistle is not Blowing

If the whistle is not blowing, it could have something to do with one of the valves. Anyhow, here are some general troubleshooting methods for the whistle problem.

Make sure you have placed the lid of the cooker correctly. Check and clean all the valves of the pressure cooker, especially the release valve. If any valve of the All American canner has become faulty, you should immediately replace it.

5. The Pressure Cooker’s Lid is Jammed

Pressure canner
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Prolonged hot temperatures and the building of pressure can make the lid get jammed, and no matter how much you move, it just does not seem to budge. You can wait and let the appliance cool off in its time, and you will then be able to lift the lid off.

Another method is to place the pressure cooker in the sink and then pour some cool water over it. This will help loosen the lid, and it might come off easily.

And lastly, you can unfasten the pressure release valve and let the pressure cooker heat. When the pressure is released, the lid of the cooker will become liftable.

The Bottom Line

The All-American canner has become a favorite because it has been performing superbly. Even then, there are still some problems faced by the users.

The issues are not anything challenging to deal with and are easily solvable with the above troubleshooting methods.

However, if you run into a problem that is not fixed with these methods, then you can contact the support team of the company and let them handle it for you.

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