4 Reasons Why Are Oxtails So Expensive

why are oxtails so expensive
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why are oxtails so expensive

Oxtail is the culinary name for the tail of the cattle. Well, while most people used to throw it away, and even that is a common practice among some cultures today too, there are multiple cultures and cuisines around the world that have acquired a taste for it and they have evolved the meat inside the tail into several highly liked dishes. While the history if eating Oxtail started from Spain 100 years back, people have discovered how good the taste can be, and that has increased the demand for having the Oxtail.

Why Are Oxtails So Expensive?

Some reasons that you might want to know if you are concerned about why an Oxtail is expensive are:

1. Occurrence

While there are hundreds of pounds of meat inside cattle, a tail is merely 7-9 lbs. That is for average cattle and that is a pretty rare occurrence for a specific type of meat. In addition to that, you have to skim off the skin to get the meat inside that would be even less and that is one of the main reasons that Oxtail dishes have spiked so high in prices and sometimes they can get even unaffordable if you choose to go to a classy restaurant.

2. Cooking process

Oxtails require more time and a certain skill for cooking them up properly. Not everyone has the patience and skills that are needed to make the oxtail perfectly transformed into a dish. Sometimes, it can take up to 3 hours to cook oxtails and that is quite some time for an experienced chef at a restaurant to be giving to a specific dish. So, when you are being charged highly for the oxtail, you are actually paying for the expertise and time of their experienced chef as well that is serving you the right dish.

3. Acquired Taste

Even though oxtail was a shunned part a century ago, it has a certain taste that people have acquired for and now you cannot get enough of it. The high demand has made it one of the exclusive dishes out there in the restaurants that everyone simply wants to have their hands on. It gives a peculiar sense to tastebuds that if you have tried once, you will never be able to enough of it. That is why people who like to enjoy oxtails have made the demand higher and that had to get the price high too.

4. A social trend

Remember the high spike in demand for oysters and snails out of nowhere and they became one of the most luxurious seafood items out of nowhere. The same has happened with Oxtails as well and they have grown to be the trendy meal of the rich. Even those who don’t like the taste are trying out to have oxtail on the table for a social occasion, to impress business clients, or simply because they can afford to have it and that has raised the prices for oxtails tremendously across the market and in restaurants all over the US and European region.

why are oxtails so expensive
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