Tony Chachere vs Slap Ya Mama: What’s The Difference?

Tony Chachere VS Slap Ya Mama
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What’s the difference between Tony Chachere and Slap Ya Mama?

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There are many types of Cajun spice available in today’s markets, but out of all the contenders, two brands stand out. Countless cajun spice fans treasure Tony Chachere Cajun and Slap Ya Mama Cajun spice.

They’re right when they say that no spice cabinet is complete without a jar of Cajun spice in it, and there are no two better choices than these fine blends. Yet, which is the best between two spices that deliver the perfect balance between sweet and spicy?

We’ll be taking you through a look at Tony Chachere vs. Slap Ya Mama, evaluating all the core ingredients, flavors, and their sheer value so that you can make an informed decision on your next shopping trip.

Tony Chachere Vs. Slap Ya Mama Comparison

 Tony CachereSlap Ya Mama
Origin1972, Opelousas, Louisiana1956, Ville Platte, Louisiana
ManufacturingOpelousas, LouisianaVille Platte, Louisiana
Quantity3.25 Ounce, 17 Ounce, 8 Pound8 Ounce, 16 Ounce
FlavorSalty Strong Cajun Spice With High Heat And Mild SweetnessModerately Salty Mild Cajun Spice With Moderate Heat And Sweetness
IngredientsChili Pepper Powder, A Secret Blend Of Spices, Salt And Garlic Powder, Silicon DioxideSalt, Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Garlic
Best UsesSeasoning And Flavor Infusion - All Meat, Seafood & Poultry, Vegetables, Eggs, Soups, Stews, Salad, Barbecue, French Fries (Best Suited To Extensive Boiling/Stewing)Seasoning And Flavor Infusion - All Meat, Seafood & Poultry, Vegetables, Eggs, Soups, Stews, Salad, Barbecue, French Fries (Best Suited To Direct Seasoning)
ConsiderationsHigh Degree Of Saltiness, Very Bold FlavorMild Saltiness, Additional Salt May Be Required Depending On Recipe
Product RangeOriginal Creole Seasoning, No Salt Seasoning, More Spice Seasoning, BOLD Creole Seasoning, Lite Creole Seasoning, Spice N' Herbs Seasoning, Gumbo File, Variety PackOriginal Blend Cajun Seasoning, Hot Cajun Seasoning, White Pepper Blend Seasoning, Low Sodium Cajun Seasoning

Tony Chachere Vs. Slap Ya Mama

There are some who swear by blending their own Cajun spice. However, the vast majority rely on two store-bought favorites – Tony Chachere Vs. Slap Ya Mama. Here’s a complete breakdown of each outstanding blend.

Tony Chachere

The name Tony Chachere has become synonymous with Cajun spice. Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning is world-famous and easily one of the best spice blends available for those who want the distinctive Cajun blend of spicy, sweet, and tangy.


Tony Chachere’s Creole Foods was founded by the famous late chef Anthony Cachere. Tony Chachere started off as a traveling pharmaceutical salesman in Louisiana. By 30, Tony opened his open wholesale drug company called the Louisiana Drug Company.

However, in 1972 at the age of 67, Cachere published Cajun Country Cookbook, which received such an overwhelmingly positive response that it motivated him to start Tony Chachere’s Creole Foods and begin manufacturing what is today his famous Creole Seasoning.

In March of 1995, just a week before his 90th birthday and passing, Tony Chachere became the first member of the Louisiana Chefs Hall of Fame. Today, the company is run by his grandson, Don Chachere.


Tony Chachere’s main manufacturing location is in the very town of its origin, Opelousas, Louisiana.

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Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning comes in several different sizes. The most familiar product for most is the 8-ounce shaker of seasoning. There is also a 3.25 ounce, 17 ounces, and 8-pound package available.


As a Creole/Cajun spice, Tony Chachere’s blend is strong, spicy, and salty. It doesn’t take a lot to impart a noticeable degree of heat to a meal.

Just like any good Cajun spice, there’s a sweet degree of heat thanks to the blend of paprika and cayenne pepper, while the garlic adds tangy, earthy undertones.


While the exact blend isn’t known, Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning lists salt, dried red chili pepper, black pepper, dehydrated garlic, and a chili powder blend including chili pepper powder, a secret blend of spices, salt, and Garlic Powder.

It also has silicon dioxide, which is a standard, safe anti-caking agent.

Best Uses

Barbecue Meat
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Tony Chachere, the company itself, advises that you try the Original Creole Seasoning on meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, eggs, soups, stews, salads, barbecue dishes, and french fries.

You can use it on just about anything to infuse a boost of Cajun flavor. Due to the more intense flavor of the seasoning, it’s ideal for boiling up crawfish, crabs, and other seafood.

Anything that requires extensive boiling, particular meat, and all varieties of seafood are perfect for the spiciness of Tony Chachere. Despite being diluted, the intense flavor remains bold.


Tony Chachere Original Creole Seasoning is very strong with prominent saltiness. Keep this in mind if you’re cooking something that calls for subtle Cajun flavor only. Adjust the other spices and ingredients accordingly to compensate for the bold flavor and saltiness.

Tony Chachere Nutrition Facts
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Product Range

Tony Chachere’s range of seasoning includes Original Creole Seasoning, No Salt Seasoning, More Spice Seasoning, BOLD Creole Seasoning, Lite Creole Seasoning, Spice N’ Herbs Seasoning, Gumbo File, and a variety pack containing all six flavors.

You’ll also find a range of sauces and marinades, each infusing Louisiana flavor into all your favorite classic tastes.

Slap Ya Mama

Ask around, and you’ll soon see just how popular Slap Ya Mama All Natural Cajun Seasoning is. The original blend is the go-to choice for anyone who wants Cajun flavor without the prevailing saltiness that’s present in most brands.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Slap Ya Mama one of the best seasonings blends out there.


Slap Ya Mama All Natural Cajun Seasoning Original Blend was created by Anthony Walker in Ville Platte in 1956.

The Slap Ya Mama seasoning brand was born in the smoked meat capital of the world, rising above the competition despite the local industry’s high standards and heavy competition.

Walker created the blend in an attempt to develop an authentic Cajun pepper taste without the prevailing saltiness common to competing brands.


Slap Ya Mama’s range of products is all produced in Ville Platte, located in Evangeline Parish, famous for Louisiana French country flavor.

Ville Platte
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Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning Original Blend is available in both an 8-ounce and 16-ounce can.


Despite carrying all the basic Cajun flavor that most of us are looking for, the defining difference between Slap Ya Mama and other Cajun blends is that it has a mild degree of heat and a low concentration of salt.

The blend of pepper and chili reaches a good balance without becoming overpowering.


The Slap Ya Mama Original Blend Cajun Seasoning contains salt, red pepper, black pepper, and garlic. The company also adds to note that there is no added MSG and that the blend is both gluten-free and uses all-natural kosher salt.

Best Uses

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Slap Ya Mama is the ideal all-purpose Cajun seasoning. It’s ideal as a rub regardless of what you’re cooking or whether the meat is being grilled, smoked, or fried. There are a few better seasonings for jambalaya, gumbo, shrimp, crawfish, and all types of seafood.

Add some Slap Ya Mama spice to yogurt, and you’ve got an excellent marinade for chicken, beef pork, and lamb. From soups to stir-fries, baked potatoes, and even barbecue dip, you can’t go wrong with Slap Ya Mama.


If you’re looking for a blend of Cajun seasoning that isn’t as salty as most others, Slap Ya Mama Original Blend Cajun Seasoning is easily one of the best options. Many consider it to be the very best Cajun spice available.

There’s no compromising quality, and you get a balance of flavor that’s far more versatile than most other blends.

Slap Ya Mama Nutrition Facts
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Product Range

Slap Ya Mama has four flavor variations in total. There’s the Original Blend Cajun Seasoning, Hot Cajun Seasoning, White Pepper Blend Seasoning, and the Low Sodium Cajun Seasoning on offer.

How To Make Your Own Cajun Spice

If you can’t get any of these brands, you can always fix yourself some cajun spice at home. Here’s what you’ll be needing:

  • Paprika
  • Onion Powder
  • Kosher Salt
  • Fresh/Dried Thyme
  • Dried Oregano
  • Garlic Powder
  • Black Pepper
  • White Pepper

Grind/Mill the ingredients above until a powder-like consistency is reached and store in an airtight container to increase the shelf life by locking in flavor.

Grind the ingredients
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Tony Chachere Vs. Slap Ya Mama, Concluding Thoughts

Cajun is an essential spice necessary for seasoning and flavoring in countless forms of cuisine. Both Tony Chachere and Slap Ya Mama are excellent brands of Cajun spice.

In comparison, Tony Chachere is a little extra spicy, so it’s best for marinating barbeque meat and boiling up seafood. Whereas Slap Ya Mama is a little less spicy, which makes it ideal for soups and adding to dips.

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