4 Best Substitutes For Green Tomatoes

substitute for green tomatoes
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substitute for green tomatoes


Green tomatoes, or what we can call as raw tomatoes, are among the most used products when it comes to frying and baking tomatoes. They are firm in their shape, which is why people prefer green tomatoes while making snacks. 

Green tomatoes are a healthy diet that provides you a tangy flavor and crispy texture once cooked perfectly. But, what if you run out of green tomatoes. It is one of those things that every household may face. So, when you have no green tomatoes available in your fridge, what will you be using in your dishes instead of green tomatoes.

Substitute for Green Tomatoes

When you run out of green tomatoes, then there are numerous things that you can easily use in place of the green tomatoes. If you’re here reading this article, we will let you know some of the best substitutes for green tomatoes.

Below we have mentioned some of the best substitutes that you may use in place of green tomatoes. Follow the article, and in the end, you will have some of the best products to replace green tomatoes.

1. Ripe Tomatoes

Most of you may think that how on earth can ripe, or the red tomatoes can replace the green tomatoes. You are probably thinking the right way because the texture, taste, and firmness of both the green and red tomatoes differ.

But, when it is not the season for green tomatoes, and you urgently need to make a dish that includes green tomatoes or tomatoes, then using the ripe tomatoes will work correctly. Indeed, you will not get the perfect taste and the color you may have gotten while using green tomatoes. But, one thing is sure that using ripe tomatoes as a substitute to the green tomatoes will do the work for you correctly. 

2. Zucchini

It may be surprising, but yes, you have read the thing correctly. Zucchini can also be a good substitute when you run out of the green tomatoes. If you compare the qualities of both green tomatoes and Zucchini, then you will come to know that both have a few similar characteristics. 

First of all, both Zucchini and green tomatoes are harvested immature. If you do not know, then we must tell you that Zucchini can reach a length of as much as a meter, but it gathered immature when it is about the size of 25cm. So, both of them are raw and can be replaced with each other while frying or backing. 

When you run out of the green tomatoes, then do never hesitate to use Zucchini in place of the green tomatoes. Both of them are the perfect replacement for one another when we talk about taste, texture, and qualities.

3. Tomatillos

 Tomatillos of the Mexican green tomatoes are also one of the perfect substitutes for green tomatoes. Though the Tomatillos tastes a bit sour, they can be the ideal substitute for the green tomatoes. 

Both the Tomatillos and the green tomatoes belong to the same family, which is enough for them to replace each other. So, whenever you have no green tomatoes available in your house, then Tomatillos can be the solution to your problems.

4. Green Pepper

One would hardly think of replacing green tomatoes with green pepper, but it is possible when you are left with no other options. Though you cannot fry or bake green pepper as you usually do with the green tomatoes. But, when you make soup or something like that, then the green pepper is the only solution that can save you if you have no green tomatoes.

Green pepper will provide your dish with the same color and texture as the green tomatoes. So, once you run out of the green tomatoes, green pepper may work in dishes like soups.


If you have been through the article, then you must know that above we have mentioned some of the best methods that will help you to make your dishes perfectly fine even though you do not have green tomatoes available at home. Give the article a good read, and you will be able to fetch some of the best solutions to replace your green tomatoes. If you have any issues, then hit the comment box.

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