Compare Shaoxing Wine vs Mirin (Difference Between Mirin vs Shaoxing)

shaoxing wine vs mirin
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shaoxing wine vs mirin

Wine is a traditional use in many food items in different cultures. This wine is instrumental for various purposes, including better taste, smell remover, meat tendering agent, etc. Shaoxing and Mirin are two kinds of wines with different origins and properties. Shaoxing is a traditional Chinese cooking wine. On the other hand, Mirin is a traditional Japanese cooking wine. 

The only significant similarity between Shaoxing and Mirin is that both are used for cooking. In this article, we will discuss the contrast and comparison of Shaoxing wine and Mirin wine. In addition to this, we will focus on what are their properties and functions in cooking. The following are the main differences between Shaoxing wine and Mirin wine.

Is Marin Wine Better Than The Shaoxing Wine?

It is tough to find a verdict whether Mirin wine is better or the Shaoxing wine is better because both being used widely in cooking. Shaoxing wine has a little spicy taste and not lacks in sweetening. Thus, this wine is used in more spicy and sour foods because if a spicy dish gives you sweetening, then your dish has not served its purpose well. 

Contrary to it, Mirin wine is a highly sweet wine and contains more than nine carbohydrates, giving it a different sweetness level. It is considered a refreshing wine because it creates homogeneity with other elements in the dish.

What Is The Difference Between Mirin vs Shaoxing In Meat?

Both the wines have a good profile when added to the meat during the cooking, and their application cannot be denied. However, they do serve different functions when they meet with the meat. Mirin has a property that it tenderizes the meat and makes it succulent. On the opposite, Shaoxing wine has a property that it makes the meat firm and soft. Both in their respective domains egg on the meat for the meat lovers.

Does Mirin Wine More Use Than The Shaoxing Wine?

Mirin wine is used more frequently in many communities but not more than Shaoxing wine because Chinese people use their indigenous products more. Both the wine is used in stewing, roasting, grilling, baking, and frying. However, people used to allow Mirin in their food because of its sweetening effect. It is commonly used in seafood, noodles, fish, and vegetables. 

Can We Use Shaoxing And Mirin Wine As A Substitute Of Each Other? 

Certainly, Mirin and Shaoxing can never be a substitute for each other because of their varying properties and functions, and if someone uses them as a substitution, he cannot fetch the desired taste. If you do not have Mirin, there are many substitutes for it. You can use grape wine or any other cooking wine. Similarly, Shaoxing cooking wine is a little spicy, and their replacements must be a spicy one. So better be careful, using them interchangeably.

Can We Use Them As A Smell Remover?

A cooking expert knows that a little smell left in a meal makes whole food useless because many people dislike the smell of meat and fish because they consider that meal is not cooked well. So, using Mirin wine and Shaoxing wine in fish and meat removes the scent. Therefore, Mirin and Shaoxing are preferable in cooking meat and fish, and they can save your reputation in cooking.

Is There Any Difference In Appearance?

One should be an expert when differentiating between sugar and salt because they look the same. You don’t have to be experienced in identifying both wines as they come in packaging with clearly written their names on the bottles. And in taste wise one can easily pick which one Mirin wine and which one Shaoxing wine.


Mirin and Shaoxing are very different from each other in terms of taste, origin, usage, and other things. But they both are used in cooking, one of the similarities between them. It very hard to pronounce a verdict that which one is better. It solely depends on your preference as per your taste and dish’s demand.

In this article, we have discussed the contrast of the Mirin wine and Shaoxing wine and elaborated on their key differences within our knowledge and experience. If you have anything that can supplement our knowledge, we are more than delighted to know it in the comment section.

shaoxing wine vs mirin
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