5 Common Samsung Oven Problems (Troubleshooting)

samsung oven problems
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samsung oven problems

Samsung is a well-established brand in the market and they have an amazing range of home appliances to meet the needs of the users. For the same reason, they offer high-quality ovens with the best baking results but some Samsung oven problems are impacting the baking performance. To help you out, we are sharing the common problems as well as their solutions!

Samsung Oven Problems

1) Oven Is Not Getting Power

Energy Saving Mode

When the Samsung ovens are concerned, Samsung has designed the energy-saving mode. So, when you are experiencing issues with the power, you might have switched on the energy-saving mode. Keep in mind that the energy-saving mode can be automatically switched on when you switch on the oven but don’t use it for a long time. To exit the energy-saving mode, just press any button on the display panel and the energy-saving mode will be fixed.

Breaker Or Fuse

So, if the energy-saving mode isn’t switched on the oven is still not powering up, you should look for the breaker or fuse issues. In particular, if your area has power or voltage fluctuations, it can damage or blow up the circuit or breaker. First of all, see if the circuit breaker has tripped (if it’s tripped, you can simply switch it on). On the contrary, if the fuse has blown out, it will need replacement.

Immediate Switching Off

Some people switch off the Samsung oven as soon as they are done cooking but it can cause power issues. This is because the ovens are designed with cooling fans that secure protection from the heat. So, when you immediately switch off the oven, the power will be tripped off (yes, it’s a safety feature). That being said, stop switching off the Samsung oven immediately.

2) No Grilling Or Heating

Door Closure

What’s the point of having an oven if it’s not heating or grilling? In the majority of issues, the grilling and heating issues occur when you don’t close the door completely. You must check for the gaps between the oven frame and door because it can result in heat escaping out of the oven. If you see some gap, close the Samsung oven door completely.

Setting Conditions

Well, if the door is properly closed but the settings are not set properly, it can result in heating issues. You must ensure that the guided temperature and cooking mode is properly set. On top of everything, you must follow the correct shelf position. Lastly, you must choose the right rack or tray to ensure it gets heated up properly.

3) Unable To Reach The Set Temperatures


How will your oven reach the set temperature if the heat keeps escaping out of the oven? Firstly, you must check the door and make sure it’s properly closed down. When the door is properly closed, the oven will be able to reach and maintain the set temperature.

Preheat Mode

For people who have switched on the preheat mode, it might be the reason why your oven is not reaching the right temperature. If you still want to stick to the preheat mode, you could try using the fast preheat mode.

4) Smoke Coming Out

In particular, when the Samsung oven is delivering smoke during preheating, it’s nothing to fret about. That’s because when you use the preheat mode or oven for the first time, it is likely to cause smoke. This issue will go away when you use it twice or thrice. On the contrary, if you’ve been using the oven for a long time, there are chances the food is placed on the heating element.

So, if you see food lying on the heating element, you have to switch off the oven, let it cool down, and remove the particles from the heating element.

5) Burning Smell

Generally, Samsung oven users often complain about the plastic burning smell whenever they use the oven. It happens when you use on-heat-resistant or non-microwave-safe cookware. So, when you start using the glass cookware (make sure it’s oven-safe), you won’t have to struggle with any smells. To summarize, these errors are common but if you have other issues, dial Samsung’s customer support contact number right away!

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