3 Best Substitutes For Rennet For Mozzarella

rennet substitute for mozzarella
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rennet substitute for mozzarella

Cheese is easily one of the most popular ingredients throughout the world. It is used just about anywhere for a variety of different foods. This can include anything, from pizza, mac and cheese, various desserts, and so much more of the sort. There are actually specific types of cheeses that are used to match the needs of specific recipes to create certain unique tastes. One of the main types of cheese available nearly everywhere in the world and one that’s also very easy to make at home is mozzarella cheese.

But there is one aspect of making this specific type of the popular ingredient that most have a problem with. This is the fact that a majority of mozzarella cheese recipes feature rennet as the main ingredient. This is neither too common nor is it something that a lot of people prefer to include in their foods for a number of different reasons depending on the person in question. If you’re one of the many people looking to find substitutes for rennet in mozzarella, here are some of the best ones you’ll be able to make the most out of.

Best Rennet Substitutes For Mozzarella

  1. Vegetable Rennet

One of the best possible alternatives for rennet which a lot of people surprisingly do not know too much about is vegetable rennet. With more and more people trying to eat as healthy as possible there are alternatives to all kinds of different animal meats as well as fats. Given the name of the ingredient, there likely isn’t much of a need to explain exactly what it is and how it can be used as an alternative for regular rennet.

It is almost exactly like rennet with the difference being it is extracted from plants and vegetables rather than animals. It can be used in mozzarella without any problems. You can substitute rennet in mozzarella with vegetable rennet on an exact 1:1 ratio. It is commonly found in most parts of the world, especially nettle rennet which is one of the best and most preferred types of vegetable rennet.

  1. Vinegar

Another good option as an alternative for rennet in mozzarella would be vinegar. This is one of the best options you’ll ever be able to find, and there are many good reasons for this. Vinegar can provide your mozzarella with that sharp flavor which gives the type of cheese its distinct feel as well as overall taste. It can also help shape the texture and feel of the mozzarella itself, which is another added bonus. Above all else is the fact that vinegar is an ingredient that can be found pretty much anywhere.

There is also the fact that it can be used as a substitute with significant ease. All you need is some milk and vinegar along with a few other extra ingredients. Keep in mind that the amount of both these ingredients varies depending on how much mozzarella you’re trying to make. This is just one of many ways to use vinegar as a substitute in place of rennet for mozzarella, and there are many others which you can learn more about through the internet or cookbooks.

  1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another very common replacement for rennet in mozzarella which a lot of people know about. Much like the previously mentioned option, this can also provide that little sharp taste to add a distinct taste and feel to your mozzarella cheese. What makes it all the more preferable is the fact that lemon juice is found very commonly in stores and is available worldwide. Even those that do not have lemon juice lying and can’t get any through the shop at the moment should be able to make some at home with ease.

There is only one alarming thing about this option, which is the fact that the lemony taste it has can be off putting in some cases. That’s why you should only choose this alternative as an option depending on what you plan to make with the mozzarella you’re preparing and depending on how your own preferences in terms of taste work.

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