7 Best Substitutes For Pretzel Salt

pretzel salt substitutes
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pretzel salt substitutes

Pretzel salt is a large-grained salt used widely for pretzels and salted read sticks.  It does not melt quickly. The crystals of pretzel salt are of uniform size and have no additives. The grains of this salt are flat and rectangular-shaped that enhances its ability to adhere to baked goods such as focaccia, bread, or hard rolls and pretzels.

Pretzel is less refined salt; it contains minerals that are usually removed from table salt. You can use this salt in coarse rubs for salt crushed fish, for curing of different types of meat, and for zucchini fritters.

Pretzel Salt Substitutes

If your recipe calls for pretzel salt and you do not have any at hand, then go for the following pretzel salt substitutes.

1) Kosher Salt

It can be used as a substitute for pretzel salt as both have a striking resemblance due to their granular form. It enhances the taste of food by improving the flavor rather than just making it taste salty.  Kosher salt is similar to pretzel salt as both do not contain any additives.

It mainly contains sodium chloride. Just like Pretzel, kosher is a coarse-grained salt assembled from the salt crystals. The shape of kosher salt is determined by the evaporation process. Its shape ranges from flat to pyramidal in structure.

2) Margarita Salt

We can substitute pretzel salt with margarita salt, and it will give the same taste to recipes like that of the original sense of flavor made by using Pretzel salt.

Margarita salt is available in different dyed colors. The use of dye may change the taste of the recipe to slightly odd. So, before choosing any such substitute you must go through a taste test to ensure that the dyed salt does not interfere with the taste.

3) Red Diamond Sea Salt

Red Diamond sea salt has a stark white appearance because of its harsh refining process. It is a crushed salt that is extracted from deep within the earth. The unique color of this salt is mainly due to the presence of 50 natural traces of minerals. You can use this alt as an alternative for pretzel salt.

4) Rock salt

Rock salt is a type of salt, that is formed when the saltwater of the sea or lake evaporates, so the colorful crystals of sodium chloride are left behind. Rock salt is a combination of several minerals like zinc, nickel, cobalt, copper, and manganese. The color of rock salt is due to the presence of these minerals. The addition of rock salt in food will help in avoiding low sodium levels that cause poor sleep and seizures.

5) Morton salt

Morton salt is composed of calcium silicate, sugar, sea salt, and potassium iodide. Iodized Morton salt supplies iodine which is essential for the appropriate functioning of the thyroid. You can use Morton salt in your recipes to substitute pretzel salt.

6) Coarse sea salt

Pretzel salt and coarse sea salt are made up of large-grained sea salt. This salt is more often used to salt meat, in the preparation of brine, and in regular recipes such as soups, sauces, etc. One important thing to notice about coarse sea salt is that it is much saltier than other kinds of salt. Therefore, you have to be careful while using it. Start by adding few quantities and then adding more amount according to your taste.

Coarse sea salt keeps us hydrated due to the presence of several nutrients that are present in sea salt. These nutrients help in satisfying the thirst for longer periods. This salt is a good source of the electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. These electrolytes are essential for the muscle, brain, and heart health of humans. Health experts recommend coarse sea salt for all types of fatigues.

7) Bagel Salt

It is composed of pure formed sea salt crystals.  Bagel salt adds a delicious salty taste which is desired from bagels, pretzels, and French fries. You can substitute this bagel salt in place of pretzel salt. The baked goods made up of using bagel salt are attractive.

You can try one of the above pretzel salt substitutes for your recipes. The substitutes will give a good taste if the right amount of substitute salt is added.

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