How To Fry Frozen French Fries?

how to fry frozen french fries
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how to fry frozen french fries

If you are anything like us, you would be in love with the French fries and chicken nuggets as the best midnight snack. Well, it’s equally true that we all have collected the frozen French fries stash in the freezer. The frozen French fries are pretty easy to fry up because who doesn’t love the crispy fries and the amazingly irresistible taste. So, if you don’t know about frozen French fries and want to know how to fry frozen French fries, we have the answers for you!

How To Fry Frozen French Fries?

The French fries are those amazingly gold and crispy snacks with a crispy exterior and mushy interior. Usually, the frozen French fries are made int the deep fryer, so we have added the steps to follow if you want to fry the frozen French fries in the pan, such as;

  • First of all, take a deep pan and add the oil (depth of around one-inch oil layer) because this oil needs to take in the fries
  • Now, use the medium-high flame on the stove and put the pan on the stove
  • Then, you need to preheat the oil in the pan until it starts smoking out
  • Once the oil is smoking hot, add frozen French fries from the bag
  • Let the fries cook and start crackling
  • Cook the French fries until it gives out the crispy golden exterior
  • Keep flipping the fries after every few minutes to ensure there is no uneven cooking
  • And you are done!

Making Fries In The Oven

If you don’t want to use the frying pan for making fries, you can use the oven and follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • First of all, you need to preheat the oven to 450-degrees
  • Take a nonstick baking sheet and spread the fries in the single-layer
  • Let the fries bake for ten minutes
  • Take out the baking sheet and flip them
  • Bake the other side for ten minutes and done!

Things To Keep In Mind

First of all, the fries must be covered in oil because it promises an even cooking outcome. You must use the oil that has a higher and even heat distribution that heats up the pan quickly. With this being said, you need to opt for the nonstick pans or the deep stainless steel pans. As far as the oil is concerned, always use sunflower oil, vegetable oil, or clarified butter for frying the French fries.

In case of temperature, you need to use the medium-high flame because the low flame will lead to slower defrosting, hence the soggy fries outcome. Always add the fries when the oil is shimmering and make sure you don’t crowd the pan with fries because it can adversely impact the cooking outcome. Also, never cover the pan after adding the fries because it tends to crackle the oil.

You must not season the frozen French fries before or during cooking because the salt seasonings can lead to moisture, and the fries will start sticking to each other. Once your fries have gained the crispy golden appearance, use the frying spoon net to eliminate excessive oil, and use paper towels to soak up the oil.

how to fry frozen french fries
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