Power Pressure Cooker XL Error Code E2: 5 Fixes

power pressure cooker xl error code e2
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power pressure cooker xl error code e2

The pressure cookers are the ultimate kitchen equipment out there. This is because pressure cookers can cook your food in minimal time without extra supervision. However, Power Pressure Cooker XL error code E2 can impact the entire cooking experience. So, let’s see how we can resolve this issue!

Power Pressure Cooker XL Error Code E2

1) Clean The Contacts

When the error code E2 appears on the pressure cooker, you need to check the contacts. In the center, there will be a thermocouple but make sure that you don’t confuse it with the temperature sensor. To illustrate, the thermocouple is fragile and tubular, so stay cautious. At this point, the thermal switch will have two wires switched in.

Once you locate the thermal switch point, you need the emery paper no. 2 and fold it into a thin strip. As a result, you will be able to clean the contacts and the error code will be eliminated.

2) Moisture

When there is too much moisture in the pressure cooker, it will lead to error code E2. For this purpose, you need to switch off the pressure cooker and take it off the power source. Once the pressure cooker is cooled down, just take off the lid and reduce the liquid content. It will reduce the moisture content from the pressure and the error will go away.

In addition, don’t forget to look for moisture from under the bowl. Once the bowl is wiped dry, the error code will be taken off.

3) Dry Products

Well, when you cannot get rid of error code E2 because of moisture content, you need to check for the dry products. For instance, there can sugar, salt, or cereal stuck under the bowl. For this purpose, you will need to take stuff out from the pressure cooker and clean the bottom side. In particular, you have to look for sugar or cereal. If there are any dry products stuck on the bottom side of the bowl, just wipe it clean.

4) Mechanical Issues

In the majority of cases, the error code E2 incurs because of mechanical issues. For resolving this issue, you need to press the top plate from the side of the pressure cooker and adjusting the screw. You need to press the plate until it clicks; it means that the contacts have opened, so shove the sandpaper and release your grip on the top plate.

As a result, the contacts will close and it will clear up the terminals. Once done, install the removed spare part and switch it on. We are pretty sure that you will be able to resolve the error code E2 with this independent repair.

5) To Wrap It Up

In some cases, you can also get rid of this error code by taking off the lid and putting it back on. However, please let the pressure cooker cool down before you take off the lid. On the contrary, if the error code is still there, you will need to call customer support. The customer support might ask some questions, so just answer them and they will assist!

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