6 Best Porcini Powder Substitutes

porcini powder substitutes
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porcini powder substitutes

Long gone the times when people would be okay with eating junk food all the time because they have become extremely conscious about eating healthy food. Similarly, people have started avoiding the low-nutrition recipe.

That being said, people often use porcini powder since it’s healthy and complements the recipe as well. In case you’ve run out of it, we are sharing the porcini powder substitute!

Porcini Powder Substitutes

Porcini powder is actually the powder made from crushing and blending the dried porcini mushrooms. The porcini mushrooms are blended into a fine powder for making porcini powder.

The porcini powder can add an earthy flavor of fresh mushrooms to the recipe without too much hassle. Generally, porcini powder is added to pasta sauce, gravy, omelets, and soups. So, there are some porcini powder substitutes for people who have run out of it but want a similar flavor!

1) Shiitake Mushroom

It is already established that porcini powder is made by blending the mushrooms. So, if you cannot find the porcini powder, you can opt for shiitake mushrooms. This is because these mushrooms are pretty similar to the porcini mushrooms. To illustrate, these mushrooms have brown caps, and long yet thin stalks. In some cases, it’s often confused as porcini mushrooms.

The flavor profile is similar and is readily available. Shiitake mushrooms are available at affordable rates. In addition to the earthy profile, it also has a mild sweetness that can complement different recipes. As for the texture, it has a meaty texture, so you can make a paste as well because it perfectly mixes up with the recipe. Also, it has a neutral fragrance.

2) Truffle Oil

If you don’t want to add shiitake mushrooms for replacing or substituting porcini powder, truffle oil is a promising choice. To illustrate, truffle oil is made by mixing up oil with dried or fresh truffles and mushrooms. However, the truffle mushrooms are not readily available, which means the truffle oil will be expensive and hard to find.

For this reason, truffle oil is used in high-end and expensive restaurants. It can add a mushroom-like and bland flavor. In addition, it has higher fat content with a mild fragrance. When it’s added to the recipes, it can deliver a similar flavor like porcini powder. All in all, it’s healthy, but people who want to control the fat intake should be considerate about it.

3) Tomato Paste

You might be wondering how tomato paste can substitute porcini powder, but it can for sure. Tomato paste is extremely easy to make since you just have to blend the tomatoes. However, it’s best to heat tomatoes in the pan, so the skin comes off. The tomato paste has a thick and condensed form which adds a mildly sour flavor to the recipe.

That being said, tomato paste can substitute porcini powder in meatballs, fish, and spaghetti. In addition, it has a high nutritional count. The prime reasons that it makes a good substitute are the richness and umami flavor that it adds to the recipe.

4) Thyme

In case you cannot make tomato paste, you can opt for thyme to replace porcini. Thyme is a very popular herb for making steaks, pasta, and soups. Thyme has an amazing nutritional count. What makes thyme a good substitute for porcini powder is the earthy fragrance with a mildly bitter flavor. That being said, it can replace porcini mushrooms in sauces and soups. All in all, it adds a mild flavor and herb-like flavor to the dish (just as porcini powder does!).

5) Garlic Powder

Porcini powder is added to recipes for the umami and earthy flavor. That being said, garlic powder can add a similar flavor and fragrance to savory recipes. In addition to garlic powder, one can also use fresh garlic, dried garlic, and ground garlic. As far as the texture is concerned, garlic powder has a similar texture as porcini powder. However, it might add a different flavor, but it can complement the majority of recipes.

6) Nutritional Yeast

One might believe that nutritional yeast is the condiment, but it can also be used as a regular ingredient. In some cases, it will deliver the cheesy flavor. Nutritional yeast can add a similar flavor like porcini powder (the meaty flavor). In addition, it delivers the sharpness of porcini powder.

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