How Does Avocado Oil Taste? (Nutritional Value Included)

avocado oil taste
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avocado oil taste

Lately, avocado oil has become a trending topic on the internet from Pinterest to youtube recipes and even bagged itself over 17,000 Instagram mentions. This made me wonder why all of the sudden avocado oil has become the new olive oil and every influencer is raving about it? Does avocado oil taste as good as other cooking oils? How nutritious is it? Find out all the answers below.

Avocado Oil Taste

Since avocado itself tastes very mild, the oil does too. If you are somebody who likes nutty or buttery taste then avocado oil is perfect for you. If compared with olive oil, avocado oil is definitely milder in taste. If you like neutral to no flavor of any oil then use avocado oil in your cooked, baked, and uncooked recipes.

It’s creamier and thicker than olive oil or any other vegetable oil, making it denser than these. You can use it as a replacement for organic butter and make your own vegan butter at home. The oil remains fresh for at least six months after opening. We recommend labeling the oil with the date when you opened the bottle.

Avocado oil is ideal to cook on medium to medium-high heat. So if you want to enjoy the mild creamy taste, make sure to either saute or bake to a maximum of 449°F. Do not use it to deep fry stuff, that’s just a waste of all the good stuff in it.

Avocado Oil Nutritional Value

Avocado is a nutrient-dense food and is packed with lots of good stuff in it. A single serving of avocado oil is one tablespoon or 15 ml contains 120 calories and is and monounsaturated fats; making it an overall heart-healthy and weight-friendly option.

Calories          120     
Fat       14 grams        
Monounsaturated fat            10 grams        
Saturated fat 2 grams
Polyunsaturated fat  2 grams
Vitamin E       23% of the Daily Value (DV)

A study shows that avocado oil increases the number of carotenoids absorbed when you add them to your salad or salsa. Make sure to store it in a cool dry place to keep its nutrients locked inside the bottle.

Avocado Oil in Cooking

Here are some ways you can use avocado oil for cooking:

  • Add into your smoothie for a flavor boost
  • Drizzle over hummus as a replacement for olive oil
  • Replace with canola oil to make healthier homemade mayonnaise
  • Serve as a simple bread dip by adding sea salt in it.
  • Use it as a salad dressing
  • Swirl it on your soup bowls
  • Use it to season your turkey or chicken and roast on low heat for 40 minutes.
  • Saute your vegetables

If you are somebody who enjoys eating avocado toast you will surely love the versatile and yummy avocado oil too. Avocado oil taste and texture is ideal for your salads veggies and baked dishes. Try out your homemade vegan butter and grow your culinary mastery.

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