How To Care For Your Pizza Stone?

how to care for pizza stone
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how to care for pizza stone

The process of making pizza can be time-consuming and even quite stressful at times, especially for all of those that are new to it. But, as you get more and more experience, it becomes much easier. It also gets much easier when you have better equipment with you as well. One such example of this is a pizza stone, which can be very helpful and can help prepare the perfect pizza in the right hands. However, there’s a lot that goes into using one. As a result, many users ask us how to care for our pizza stone. We’ve prepared this guide to help with this very matter.

Why Taking Care of Your Pizza Stone is Important

There are many people out there who underestimate the importance of cleaning their pizza stones, which is exactly why we’re first going to discuss why doing so is important. Pizza stones are a crucial part of pizza making at times, and they offer a lot of benefits. Taking good care of them is very important for this reason alone, but there are also others as well.

One example of such is all the health risks that are involved in the matter. Not taking good care of a pizza stone means that you’ll likely end up eating pizza that’s dirty in one way or another. It could potentially ruin the pizza itself, which is something that no one wants. There are other problems that can arise as well, such as the pizza stone getting damaged and becoming useless altogether. So, if you want to avoid all of this, make sure to carefully read the guidelines given below and practice all of them.

How to Care for Your Pizza Stone

The very first and most important thing to know about is that soap or any other kind of cleaning material is something you have to avoid no matter what the cost. These stones have tiny pores on them which tend to absorb any kind of liquid and then store it inside. If you use any cleaning products to get rid of stains, the pizza stone along with all pizzas you make on it will start to smell like said products.

So, avoid them as well as water altogether. Only use damp and dry cloths to take care of any kind of cleaning. Don’t worry too much about stains either. The stone is exposed to extremely high heat on a regular basis, which means that marks and stains are to be expected. These will appear on just about any pizza stone after continued use.

Make sure to keep it in a suitable and secure environment as well. We recommend not keeping it somewhere too hot, nor somewhere with food. Once you keep all of these things in mind, there’s not much more to take into account. Water and other liquids are really the only problems, so make sure to avoid direct contact with these and you along with your pizza stone will be absolutely fine.

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