7 Best Substitutes For Orange Curacao

orange curacao substitutes
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orange curacao substitutes

The orange liqueurs have become a part of every menu in the bars and restaurants. Ranging from distilled beverages to neat ones, the orange liqueurs are offered in flavored and sweetened form.

Some of them are blended with seeds, herbs, nuts, spices, and flowers. One such beverage is orange curacao, but it’s not easy to find. That being said, we are sharing the orange curacao substitutes for you!

Orange Curacao Substitutes

This is the fruit liqueur which is distilled from the bitter orange peels. The orange peels are used from the laraha citrus-grown on the Curacao island. It is widely used in cocktails because of the amazing flavor and color.

Orange curacao has a unique yet bitter orange flavor. Since it’s hard to find from small liqueur stores, we are sharing the substitutes for you!

1) Grand Marnier

To begin with, this is the orange liqueur which is made with top-notch brandy. There are no neutral spirits in this liqueur. Grand Marnier has a very distinct flavor, and it will stand out for the unique orange flavor.

In addition, it has the aged, intense, and oaky flavors of the brandy. It is flavored from the peels of bitter oranges. It has a unique and deep flavor with golden color. Grand Marnier can be added to cocktails, but some people also use it for baking recipes.

2) Triple Sec

This is the orange-flavored liqueur with a clear appearance. It is distilled from the macerate of orange peels (dried ones), along with a neutral spirit. This is a French beverage and is available from different brands.

The high-end triple sec will have an intense orange flavor while the aroma is orange blossom and bitter oranges. The alcohol count ranges from 20% to 40% for affordable brands and 38% to 42% for high-quality brands. This beverage can be added to cocktails, but you can serve them on the rocks or neat as well.

3) Aurum 

Aurum is the orange-flavored liqueur with brandy as a base. It is native to Pescara and is made with aged brandy. It has the orange infused in it and has the orange color. However, it has a saffron additive for bringing out the deep orange color. Before bottling, aurum is aged, which decides the flavor. It has a smooth and sweet flavor, but the aroma will be dominated by an orange scent. It can be added to ice creams and desserts but can be served on the rocks as well.

4) Gran Gala

This is the orange liqueur with rich flavor and has a brandy base. Gran Gala is native to Italy and was first made in Trieste. Gran Gala has a velvety and smooth texture and is known to be the finest brandy out there. Also, the fresh orange infusion makes it a great substitute for orange curacao. It has an amber color and smells of fresh oranges or candied oranges. Gran Gala has a warming and long finish, but flavor notes also include caramel, spices, vanilla, and cocoa. It is suitable for cocktails, but some people even use them in cooking recipes.

5) Blue Curaçao

Blue Curaçao is actually a type of Curacao liqueur and has a colorless appearance. The flavor reminds of Laraha oranges. However, the blue color is ensured through artificial colors. It has an orange flavor, and the taste profile will be fine. However, the taste can differ with the brand. Generally, blue curacao is added to cocktails to bring out the unique color and flavor.

6) Picon

This is the French liqueur with a bittersweet orange taste and flavor. Generally, it has a bitter flavor and can be mixed up with beer. Picon is the combination of herbs, spices, neutral alcohol, caramel. As far as the spices and herbs are concerned, they include cinchona bark, orange zest, and gentian root. For the most part, picon is a great ingredient for cocktails.

7) Orange Juice

If you can manage the non-alcoholic substitute, orange juice is a great option. However, it is better to reduce the orange juice to syrup because it improves the intensity of flavor. Some people also add orange juice concentrate or orange zest (they work as well). In addition to orange juice, people can also use the orange extract, but you must use it in a lesser amount!

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