5 Best Orange Extract Substitutes

orange extract substitute
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orange extract substitute


Almost all of us love to use the orange extract in our dishes. It adds extra flavor and odor to your dishes and helps you to present your dish in an ideal way. But, what would you do if you run out of orange extract at your kitchen?

Many of you will choose to go for cooking without orange extract, but a few smart people will look for the substitute for orange extract. Numerous things can easily substitute the orange extract. In this draft, we will let you know some of those substitutes of orange extract that will replace in the best possible way.

List of Orange Extract Substitute

If you own a little bit of knowledge about the kittening, then it is inevitable that you must know some of the orange extract substitutes. If not, then keep on reading the article. 

  1. Orange Juice

Orange juice is the perfect substitute for orange extract. It tastes similar to orange extract and can be found easily in your fridge. Most of the kitchen expert who does not own orange extract, always choose to go for orange juice as it is easy to access and can be used easily in all of your dishes.

If you choose to go for orange juice instead of orange extract, then the only issue will be quantity. While using orange juice, you will have to use an extra amount to get the same flavor as orange extract.

The thing that you must keep in mind that orange juice is not going to be as strong as orange extract so, instead of adding water, add pure orange juice in your dish.

  1. Orange Zest

Most of the people must be surprised that we can easily use orange zest in place of orange extract. Unlike orange juice, orange zest is considered one of the strongest contestants for using the orange extract.

It is quite strong, and instead of using a cup of orange juice for 1/2 tablespoon of orange extract, one tablespoon of orange zest will perform well. Make sure that the orange zest must be fresh, and the peal must not be in big chunks; instead, it needs to be chopped very well.

  1. Orange Liqueur

If you have no issue with orange liqueur, then it is the only thing that replaces the orange extract in the evenly perfect manner. No matter if the dish is for adults or children, the alcohol will not remain in it if you are going to cook it well. 

Alcohol has a very low density, and it will burn minutes after putting the orange liqueur in the dish. There are many kinds of orange liqueur available in the market. But, the only thing that may matter is that the orange liqueur cost will be way more the orange extract. Other then it, the orange liqueur is the perfect thing to use in place of orange extract. 

  1. Using Alternative Extracts

Those who do not want to replace their orange extract with orange juice, zest, or even orange liqueur can use other citric extracts if they run out of the orange extract. It would help if you kept in conscious that they will not provide you the same flavor as an orange extract, but the thing that will remain the same will be the strong flavor. 

You may use lemon extract if you have no orange extract available at home, or vanilla extract will not matter much. Both lemon and vanilla extract are considered good extracts to be used in your dishes and if you do not want to experiment with your dish with other things, then using these extracts is a perfect thought.

  1. Orange Oil

Do never forget about the orange oil if you are running short of orange extract. Unlike other orange extract substitutes, orange oil is much more concentrated and provides a strong flavor to your dishes. So, at least once, try using orange oil in your dishes.


In the above draft, we have provided you with some of the best substitutes to try when you run out of the orange extract. The article has clarified all the aspects of using these substitutes. Let us know if you already tried any of these substitutes for orange extract. If you have any queries, then our comment box is waiting for you. 

orange extract substitute
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