5 Quick Steps To Fixing Opal Ice Maker Making Groaning Noise

Opal Ice Maker Making Groaning Noise
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Opal Ice Maker Making Groaning Noise

Opal ice makers are known for their innovative features and durability. However, every piece of equipment develops issues over time, and the Opal ice makers are no exception. Many users have reported that they start making a groaning noise sometimes all of a sudden.

Although this noise is bearable most of the time, it can get pretty aggressive at times and cause inconvenience.  Luckily, this problem has easy solutions, which we will discuss hereinafter so you can stop pulling your hair out.

With little DIY skills, you can resolve this issue at home without needing any professional assistance. Let’s dig out!

Fixing Opal Ice Maker Making Groaning Noise

Is your Opal ice maker making a loud, groaning noise while working? Here are some potential fixes!

  1. Air Pockets

Firstly, it is important to understand the reason for this problem in the Opal ice makers. It usually happens when the air pockets are trapped between the ice maker and the ice cube trays. If that’s the case, this problem can be fixed easily.

All you need to do is remove the ice cubes from the trays, and put them in the freezer bag. The freezer bags can then be placed inside the freezer or the ice maker. This way, the air pockets will be released, and the groaning noise will be fixed.

  1. Ice Jam

The ice jam is another leading cause of the groaning noise problem in the Opal ice makers. Ice jamming is when the ice cubes clump together and cause blockage.

Hand of woman serving ice of ice maker machine
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There are moving components in the ice maker that work to distribute the ice in the bin, making sure that all the ice made by the ice maker does not accumulate on one side only.

However, if warm air from the surroundings invades the cool environment inside the ice maker, the ice cubes will melt, leading to the formation of uneven clumps.

These clumps may hinder the normal functioning of the moving components and cause them to make a groaning noise. So, if you hear a groaning noise emanating from your Opal ice makers, make sure that there are no uneven clumps in the bin.

To eliminate the ice clumps in the bin, consider using a wooden spoon. Be careful while doing this, or else you may end up causing additional damage to your Opal ice maker in the process.

However, if the cubes melted a bit and then froze again, they could stick together and form large clumps, and a wooden spoon won’t be able to break them.

  • Dealing With Ice Jamming

Ice cubes
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If so, take out the bin and run it under hot water. This will melt the ice and fix the ice jamming. Furthermore, check the interior part of your Opal ice maker and make sure it is clear of ice.

Most users make a common mistake of using a hairdryer or some other tool to melt the ice cubes. While these tools certainly get things done, they can damage the Opal ice maker and its plastic components.

  1. Water Filter

Moreover, consider taking a look at the water filter of your Opal ice maker. A water filter is one of the most important components of your ice maker as it keeps dirt and other impurities from contaminating the ice.

This filter can get clogged over time as the foreign particles keep accumulating in it, and when it does, it may lead to this problem. You need to act immediately, as your ice maker won’t produce clean ice until you fix its water filter.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, consider replacing the water filter of your Opal ice maker. Some people recommend cleaning the clogged filter instead.

Install water filter
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However, it is better to get it replaced since it is a relatively inexpensive component and is readily available across the globe. The process is also pretty straightforward and hardly takes 15 minutes.

Once you have replaced the water filter, turn on your Opal ice maker and see if it has fixed the issue. If it hasn’t, the problem could be with the fan bearing or some other component.

  1. Fan Bearing

A fan bearing is a crucial component of your Opal ice maker as it significantly reduces friction and ensures its smooth performance. However, like most other components, they also wear out over time.

So, consider visually inspecting the bearing to check its condition. If it shows any signs of damage, it’s time to replace it. If you are unsure about the location of the fan bearing, it would be better to go through the user manual of your Opal ice maker.

In addition to the location of the components, a manual will also provide instructions regarding the replacement process. Besides, take a look at the water tank of your Opal ice maker and make sure it is not leaky.

Closed up woman hand twisting for ice from the ice maker
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It goes without saying that if the tank is leaky, your ice maker won’t be able to make ice properly and can also start making a groaning noise. Detecting a leakage can be tricky. If you cannot detect it, consider getting it replaced.

  1. Evaporator Fan

The evaporator fan provides cool air and helps the Opal ice maker produce ice. However, it is seen that ice builds up around the fan sometimes and keeps its blades from rotating freely.

If there is too much ice around the evaporator fan, the fan may hit against the ice, making this groaning noise. This problem arises when hot air enters the system. Therefore, check the door seal of your Opal ice maker and make sure it is working fine.

The door seal keeps the cool air from escaping and hot air from entering the ice maker. However, age-related wear and tear can cause it to stop working.

  • Replacing the Door Seal

Clean ice cubes from automatic ice maker
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Examine the door seal of your Opal ice maker and see if it has cranks or is damaged. If it has gone bad, get its replacement and replace it to resolve this issue.

A bad door seal will also increase the energy consumption of your ice maker, costing you a great deal of money in the long run. So, if you see a spike in your ice maker’s energy consumption, you could well be dealing with a faulty door seal.

To replace the door seal, you will need to remove the old door seal first. Once you have removed it, install the new door seal carefully.

The Bottom Line

Opal ice makers are a preferred option for many, thanks to their excellent build quality and cool features. However, there have been many complaints regarding the groaning noise problem.

It can happen for many reasons, which we have covered in this troubleshooting guide. Make sure that the fans are working fine and the door seal is in good condition.

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