No Poultry Button On Instant Pot – Alternative Ways

no poultry button on instant pot
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no poultry button on instant pot

The instant pot electric pressure cookers come up with smart program buttons that work to aid in cooking shores. The instant pot has several buttons like soup/broth, beans/chili, meat/stew, poultry, and other controls. These buttons are programmed set of instructions to cook the meal at pressure settings and time duration.

The poultry button usually is available in the settings of an instant pot, which cooks chicken at high pressure for 15 minutes. It provides the chef to work uninterruptedly with other kitchen works. One needs to press the poultry button and wait until the meal has cooked. But what if there is no poultry button on an instant pot?

No Poultry Button On Instant Pot

There is no need to worry if the poultry button is not built-in on the instant pot, and we have other ways to do with chicken. Simply, add the chicken in the instant pot and plug-in it, then cook the chicken manually pressure cook setting for 20 to 30 minutes. You will have perfectly cooked chicken on your plates with no worries. Similarly, the poultry button on the instant pot does not serve what it is meant.


The question disturbs most of the minds of kitchen kings and queens because the breast and thighs of chicken need varied cooking time and leave the chicken’s different parts uncooked in the instant pot. Therefore, the poultry button has not highly recommended for chicken. The simplest method is to manually adjust the pressure cook button to cook the chicken evenly for a specific time.


Most instant pots do not come with poultry button settings. Only some latest versions have pre-set programs. If you have the instant pot without a poultry button, then the whole cooking process must be done manually. However, to ensure the chicken is cooked or not, you have to double-check the instant pot. It will give you an outstanding level of satisfaction that your meal is perfectly cooked, neither overcooked nor undercooked.


No poultry option in an instant pot is not a big deal that, without it, the chicken will never be cooked in an instant pot. However, this setting helps use the instant pot without worry or double-check of chicken during cooking. At the same time, some chefs suggest using an instant pot on manual settings of pressure cook knowing that you have the poultry option on your instant pot or you have not because, according to them, the chicken needs specific attention and heat to cook all its part.

This article has explained the usage of an instant pot to cook chicken without a poultry button and advised that it can be used. If you have any queries regarding this topic, feel free to ask questions in the comment box. All the necessary information will be shared with you so that you may make your day comfortable and great.

no poultry button on instant pot
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