Ninja Blender Single Serve Not Working: 5 Ways To Fix

ninja blender single serve not working
ninja blender single serve not working

Ninja blenders have become an apt part of every kitchen because it helps blend up the stuff. Their blenders have a single serve where you can twist in the Ninja cups. The single serve is famous for making smoothies. So, Ninja blender single serve not working can be frustrating. So, let’s see how we can fix this issue!

Ninja Blender Single Serve Not Working

1) Connection

The single serve with Ninja blender will not work properly if you haven’t connected it properly to the base. Subsequently, you must line up the tabs of the blender cup with the base slots. Once the blender clicks in, the motor will work optimally and so will the single serve.

2) Assembly

When it comes down to the Ninja blenders, they are designed with in-depth instructions that outline the correct assembly order. The instructions are available for every component, but still, people can make some mistakes. It is advised to take out the instruction manual and ensure the components are assaembled properly. To begin with, the stacked blade components must be positioned by the gasket.

3) Incorrect Placement

One might confuse assembly with incorrect placement but these are different issues that could lead to single serve functionality issues. With this being said, you must ensure that all the components are placed in the right position and should be tightly connected as well. For the most part, the pitcher must be tightly fitted to the blender’s base and must have a connection with four locks.

In simpler words, if the pitcher is too hard to rotate, it has improper locking or placement. Moreover, the pitcher must be aligned with the handle (front one).

4) Lid

If the single serve is not working with the Ninja blender, keep in mind that it will not operate if the lid isn’t locked in properly. The lid lock feature is designed to reduce the chances of spills. You could look for the power button; if it’s flashing, the lid is not properly locked. So, you must lock the lid and push it slightly downward to make sure it’s fitted properly.

5) Power Source

In case the power light is not switched on the blender, it might be resulting because of power issues in the source or the electrical cord. If the single serve blender is new, the power cable issues might not be there, rather you should look for the power source issue. With this being said, you should try connecting the blender to another power source.

In case the blender is still not working, you need to look for the circuit breaker; it needs a reset. The users must ensure that the circuit breaker is in the right location, and if there are any damages, you need to get the circuit breaker repaired by the technician. Thirdly, you need to look for the power cable issues. For instance, if the power cable is damaged, you must replace the power cable.

The bottom line is that these fixes should optimize the single serve issue with the Ninja blender. However, you can always call the Ninja specialist and they will help resolve the issue!