5 Ways To Fix Ninja Blender Lid Error Code

ninja blender lid error code
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ninja blender lid error code

The Ninja blenders are perfect for people who love smoothies and blend their way through kitchen chores. Ninja has launched a wide range of blenders to meet a variety of needs. However, the Ninja blender Lid error code will hinder the blending functions. For this reason, we are suggesting how this error code can be fixed!

Check Official Manual for Troubleshooting

Ninja Blender Lid Error Code

First of all, when the Ninja blender shows the Lid error on display, it’s mainly because of improper lid placement. In addition, it also occurs due to incorrect assembly of the lid. The issue seems pretty frustrating, but you can follow the below-mentioned solutions to fix this problem!

1) Lid Placement

Ninja has designed the safest blenders because the blender will not work unless the lid is placed correctly. With the Ninja blender, the lid must be secured properly for the blender to work properly. In case you have already placed the lid on the pitcher, it’s suggested to take off the lid and put it back securely. In addition, the lid must be placed before starting the blending program.

2) Debris

If you are sure that you’ve installed the lid properly, well, you must have. However, when the Ninja blender has debris, it won’t settle in place. It’s better to take off the lid and see if there are small food particles attached. Once the lid is clean, put it back securely, and the lid will slide on. As a result, the Lid error code will be fixed!

3) Lid Handle

When it comes down to the Lid error code, the users need to check the lid handle as well. For ensuring proper placement, the handle should be pressed down in place. In addition, when you install the lid and press down the handle, there must be a clicking sound. The clicking sound will ensure that the handle and lid are placed properly. Lastly, make sure that the arrows are properly aligned on the pitcher and lid.

4) Pitcher’s Installation

In some cases, the Lid error code might appear on the Ninja blender with the ineffective installation of the pitcher. The users need to ensure that the pitcher should be secured to the base firmly. It’s suggested to take off the pitcher and install it again while aligning the errors. Secondly, it’s best to check the bottom of the pitcher and make sure there are no food particles stuck on it. The users must rotate the pitcher in a clockwise direction to ensure it’s fitted properly.

5) Rims

When the Lid error doesn’t go away, there are chances the lid isn’t securely attached to the pitcher because of cracks. The pitcher’s rim tends to have cracks due to falls and impacts. This is because it can damage the locking mechanism, which impacts the fitting. We suggest that you check the rim’s sides where the lid is locked. In case the plastic is damaged, you will need to replace the pitcher.

These troubleshooting methods should fix the Lid error code on the Ninja blender. However, if the error code is still there, you need to call customer support!

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