Ninja Blender Not Working And Not Spinning: 6 Fixes

ninja blender not working and not spinning
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ninja blender not working and not spinning

Food blenders and processors make your cooking much easier and delightful by giving you the ingredients with correct and smooth consistencies as per your choice. Ninja blenders are used as a food processor and blenders, both. The best thing about Ninja blenders is that they serve the purpose in the easiest and quickest way.

However, your favorite blender can still run into troubles due to extensive use such as insufficient working and stuck spinning. Blender is of no use it is not working and not spinning at all. But luckily, with few troubleshooting solutions, you can make your Ninja blender work and spin again. Read on to find all the possible fixes for the issue.

Why Is My Ninja Blender Not Working And Not Spinning?

Understanding the reasons behind your problem is very important to figure out their solutions. That’s what we will do now.

Insufficient power supply, stuck and jammed blades, dirty and clogged terminals, damaged fuse, ruined motor, and loose assembly are some of the most common reasons that your Ninja blender stops working and rotating at all.

How To Fix Ninja Blender Not Working And Spinning?

Luckily, with the following troubleshooting solutions, your Ninja blender will work and spin at the full potential again.

  1. Inspect the power connectivity

First of all, you have to check the power connectivity when your blender fails to work at all. To do that, disconnect the power cord. Now turn the switch on your Ninja blender to “On” position to inspect well the electrical switch.

Press a multi-meter and the blender’s switches simultaneously.  If you see the reading lower then there is an issue with the power switch. If that doesn’t happen, you will need to bring a new blender switch.

  1. Adjust power settings

Since all the foods aren’t the same, you have to adjust power settings in order to get the desired consistency and blends.

  1. Don’t overfill the container

Overfilling the container with maximum food ingredients is the most common reason for your Ninja blender blade to not spin at all. Make sure to remove some ingredients for maximum use. The blades will spin and the blender will work smoothly this way.

  1. Inspect the fuse

Another fix you can try is checking the fuse. Sometimes, the damaged fuse is the hidden culprit when your blender doesn’t work at all.

Look for the fuse which comes from the terminal of the power cord. Grab a voltmeter and inspect the reading. If you see the reading high, then you need to replace the damaged fuse with a new one of the correct size.

  1. Recheck the assembly

Make sure that all the components of the blender are tightened properly in the correct order.

  1. Unjam the blender

Sometimes the blade doesn’t turn at all because of jamming. Disassemble the blender’s drive and inspect the blade shaft. Unjam it by removing the food debris or any other thing.

We hope that the above-mentioned troubleshooting solutions will make your Ninja blender work and spin again.

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