Ninja Blender Not Blending Smooth: 6 Fixes

ninja blender not blending smoothly
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ninja blender not blending smoothly

Blenders and food processors have now become crucial kitchen appliances found in almost every kitchen. When it comes to fine blending and maximum versatility, Ninja blenders serve the purpose very well. In the saturated market of blenders, you will find Ninja blenders blending smooth consistencies with maximum potential.

However, sometimes it happens that your Ninja blender stops blending smoothly at all. Having such issues can disturb your cooking flow a lot. Luckily, some troubleshooting solutions and workarounds will help you a lot. In this post, we will walk you through some troubleshooting solutions for your Ninja blender not blending smooth. Read on.

Why Is My Ninja Blender Not Blending Smooth?

The multi-speed blenders such as Ninja blender, usually sometimes run into the troubles such as not making smooth blends. There are several reasons for this to happen such as an unassembled blender, clogged blades, unclean blenders, stuck blades, poor settings, insufficient current in the power outlet, etc.

The mentioned reasons are the most common ones for your blender to not smooth well. Besides these, there are many others as well.

Following fixes will make your Ninja blender blend smooth again. Read on.

How To Troubleshoot Ninja Blender Not Blending Smooth?

Here are some troubleshooting solutions that will fix your Ninja blender.

  1. Check power supply

The most common issue can be insufficient current supply to the blenders’ motor. Inspect the power supply first using another kitchen appliance. Do this step before you run into extensive troubleshooting. If the other device works fine, then there might be some issue with your blender.

  1. Inspect multispeed switch

A multispeed switch is one of the most important features of the Ninja blender. Loosen the terminal and inspect it well before removing it. If you see the inner wires strangled and darkened down, then the switch is shorted out. Replace the damaged one with a new one and your Ninja blender will start blending smoothly again.

  1. Service the blades

Another solution that might just do the job for you is servicing the blades. First, remove the base and then tighten it up to make sure the jar isn’t leaked. The bad and loose assembly will also cause your blades to not turn enough for smooth blending. Make sure you service the blades well and replace the gasket and the stud with new ones if the blade still doesn’t turn.

  1. Service the motor

Inspect the motor as well. The motor works perfectly well when the blender is handled properly. However, you can contact any electrician for that if you are not much tech-savvy.

  1. Correct ingredients order

If you are not making the addition of ingredients correct, then your blender will fail to smooth down the consistency. Make sure to add fresh vegetables and fruits to the blender and it would be great if you would cut them in two. It will give you a smooth blend.

  1. Keep your blender clean

Make sure that there isn’t any food particle or non-food particles tucked in the blades. Always try to keep your Ninja blender clean for better and smooth blending.

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