My Sour Cream Froze – What To Do?

My Sour Cream Froze
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My Sour Cream Froze

Sour cream is so useful to have in the kitchen for baking, making dips, and adding to sauces. Sour cream is known for its thick, creamy, smooth consistency, freshly tart flavor, and fresh dairy aroma.

It adds a perfect flavor and richness to Mexican food, sauces, and dips. It’s also great for adding creaminess and texture to baking and as a topping for cheesecake.

My Sour Cream Froze. What Should I Do?

Storing Sour Cream

The best place to store sour cream is in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Abide by the sell-by and use-by dates and you can’t go wrong. Keep the container closed.

Some people recommend turning the sealed container upside down to eliminate air exposure to the product and preserve freshness.

Freezing Sour Cream

So, you put your sour cream in the refrigerator but it was too cold and it froze. You’re wondering what to do. While freezing this product isn’t recommended due to changes in texture, it is certainly still usable.

The main issue with freezing sour cream is that its texture changes. It goes from being silky smooth to grainy and a little watery once defrosted. The fat separates from the watery part, resulting in lumps and graininess.

Can I Still Use My Sour Cream After Freezing It?

While the cream won’t be great for use in some recipes, such as for toppings or in dips, it can still be used for some things. You can still bake with it, for instance.

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It will also be fine to use in cooked dishes to add creaminess. Here are a few uses for previously frozen sour cream:

  • Add it to soups, casseroles, gravies, hot sauces, or stews for extra creaminess
  • Mix it into cake, muffin, or pancake batters to replace the butter
  • Add a spoon or two to your smoothie before blending it for extra satiety

Can I Refreeze It Again?

No. Once you have defrosted the sour cream, you must use it all or throw it away. You should not refreeze it because it may become contaminated by bacteria.

How Should I Defrost It?

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Do not defrost the sour cream in the microwave as this may cause melting and oiliness. Instead, put it in the fridge for a few hours. You can try beating it vigorously to get some of the original texture back but it will never be as smooth as before.

How Do I Freeze It Deliberately?

Perhaps you have bought sour cream in bulk on a special offer and wish to freeze some. Freeze it in small portions rather than all together.

That way, it will be easy to just use a tablespoon or two in a dish when you need some. A good idea is to freeze it in ice cube trays.

To Conclude

If your sour cream froze, don’t toss it out. You can still use it in baked or cooked hot food. However, it will not be suitable for when you need a smooth texture such as in dips or toppings.

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