My Pumpkin Pie Won’t Set: Reasons And Solutions

my pumpkin pie won't set
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my pumpkin pie won’t set

Pumpkin pie is a delicious holiday dessert. You don’t need to be an expert baker to produce a delicious pie. The taste is spicy and sweet with a special custard filling. The problem with a custard filling pie is that it may turn soggy at times. The pie filling has a variety of colors from orange to brown. The pie is cooked with spices like cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and cloves. These spices in combination with the fruity and sweet pumpkin and brown sugar taste add richness to the pie.

Although the pumpkin pie is easy to make, you have to follow certain steps to make the best pie. However, at times you may question why my pumpkin pie won’t set? We will discuss this problem extensively.

Reasons My Pumpkin Pie Won’t Set

There can be countless reasons for it. The mistakes you are making would surely be common ones. Some of these are as follows:

  • Another major problem is when you do not use enough eggs in the pie. Whatever recipe you are working on, it is necessary to add the exact amount of eggs. If the recipe calls for larger eggs, don’t compromise on smaller ones. However, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Don’t overdo this step and add eggs without giving a thought. It will cause the pie to fall and have cracks.
  • A debatable reason is the use of fresh pumpkin in place of canned ones. A fresh pumpkin has varying factors. Each differs according to the size, taste, and water content. So, the temperature and roasting time impacts these factors of a fresh pumpkin. So, a perfectly made pumpkin pie would need canned puree. Buy the canned puree and not the pumpkin pie filling.
  • Have you made the mistake of putting a hot pie straight into the refrigerator? Well, it is a terrible mistake to make. When the pumpkin pie comes out of the oven, let it cool down for 4 hours. This allows the pie to settle down perfectly. The edges may get cool soon. However, the center takes some time to cool down.
  • Do you think only undercooked pie would be watery? A watery pie is usually because of overcooking. The custard and curdle in the pie break down at high temperature or when the pie’s cooked for too long.
  • Some people don’t follow this basic instruction of blind baking. In this process, you have to bake the crust partially before filling it. This makes sure that the filling and pie crust will bake at the same time. An additional benefit is that it protects the pie from becoming soggy.

How To Fix These Problems?

It is better to be careful during making the pie than to worry about it later on.

  • Firstly, you should understand the difference between a jiggly and wiggly consistency.

A wiggly pie means that the pie is not firm, and you need to work on it. A jiggly pie has a better and even consistency. When you give the pie a little shake, the pie is firmer on the edges. Whereas the center is still jiggly. This is the type of texture you should look for. The movement should be gelatin-like instead of runny. This method depends on your judgment, but what’s better than human judgment when it comes to cooking?

  • Check the temperature of the pie. If it reads 175 degrees, then you are ready to go.
  • A quick way to check the texture is the toothpick method. Although it is extensively used in baking cakes, you can try it here too. Allow the pie to settle as it keeps on cooking after it comes out of the oven.

Pumpkin pie is a highly decorated seasonal dessert. Its taste and texture grab everyone’s attention at a get-together. You can easily make pumpkin pies at home. However, the problem of pumpkin pie not setting perfectly is more common than you think. Firstly, find out what problems you are making. Avoid these factors the next time you bake and see the results. Go through the ways to fix this situation. Most importantly, don’t lose heart. With time and experience, you will learn to make a delicious and perfectly setting pumpkin pie!

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