Cooking Eggs with a Pressure Cooker?

Cooking Eggs with a Pressure Cooker?
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Cooking Eggs with a Pressure Cooker?

Can you pressure cook eggs?

You can cook most things in a pressure cooker and eggs are no exception. Where the pressure cooker really scores is when you want to make hard-boiled eggs in a batch, because this is a great way to cook them.  You can also cook scrambled eggs and any recipe that uses eggs as the main ingredient.

You can cook soft-boiled eggs too but unless you have a reason for needing a lot of soft boiled eggs at any one time, it hardly seems worth the effort because you don’t save much time in cooking in a pressure cooker, over simply cooking them on the hob in a saucepan.

Hard-boiled eggs are a different story. Using a pressure cooker makes this process much easier and is easy to do.

First, put your eggs into the steamer basket in the pressure cooker. Most pressure cookers can cook up to 12 eggs at a time but you can cook fewer if so wished.

Then add the water. Quantity will depend upon the size of your pressure cooker but in general 1 cup or 250ml will be sufficient.

Lock the lid and set the pressure to low. For hard-boiled eggs, you should allow about 8 minutes to cook. If you are cooking soft-boiled eggs it should only take around 3 minutes.

Once the cooking time is reached, you need to release the pressure in order for the steam to escape.  You don’t want the eggs to continue cooking so the best way is to use the fast release valve in order for the cooking process to stop immediately.

Once you can open the pressure cooker and the automatic safety lock is released, put the eggs in cold water in order to cool down and then store in the fridge.

Cooking scrambled eggs is equally easy and convenient with a pressure cooker but you do need a silicon container.

Beat the eggs and milk together and then pour the mix into the silicone container and place it in the steamer or set it on the trivet.

Add the water, approximately 1 cup of 250 ml.

Pressure cook for 8 minutes and as with cooking hard-boiled eggs, use the fast-release setting to expel the steam.

Once the pressure cooker is ready to be opened, leave the cooked scrambled eggs to stand for a few minutes in order to cool down to a safe temperature for eating.

You can also cook omelets in the same way although cooking times will vary depending upon the other ingredients. To cook an omelet you will need a soufflé dish or another container which you then place on the trivet.

Once the cooking time is reached, most recipes advise that you fast release the steam so that the omelet does not become overcooked.


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