3 Best Lievito Pane Degli Angeli Substitutes You Can Try

lievito pane degli angeli substitute
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lievito pane degli angeli substitute

Baking cakes and several distant types of confectionary recipes have been made so easy to cook ever since their additives such as vanilla extract, baking powder, vanilla powder, and cake mixes have produced in the market. When it comes to baking muffins, sponge cakes, and fluffy Italian cakes, there are several diverse ingredients that give the traditional taste of particular regions.

For example, Lievito Pane Degli Angeli is an amazing Italian product that is basically a mixture of artificial vanilla and baking powder. People have been liking this product ever since it landed on the market. However, finding Lievito Pane Degli Angeli can get tricky sometimes which is why you have to keep a track of its substitutes in your mind if you are really fond of making Italian sponge cakes and delicious muffins. In this post, we will walk you through some of the most easily available substitutes of Lievito Pane Degli Angeli. Read on.

What Exactly Is Lievito Pane Degli Angeli?

The phrase or package name “Lievito Pane Degli Angeli” actual meaning is “the yeast bread of angels”. This product is made by the pane Angeli company. Lievito Pane Degli Angeli is basically a leavening agent with the added artificial flavors of vanilla.

Pane Angeli baking powder or Lievito Pane Degli Angeli is basically a baking powder with a subtle, yet intense hint of vanilla. The vanilla used is usually artificial. This product is very much appreciated in Italian kitchens that have been used for over 6 decades. Lievito Pane Degli Angeli brings the best results for home bakers, especially those who love to bake some scrumptious Italian muffins.

Perfect and authentic Italian cakes and pastries are professionally made with Lievito Pane Degli Angeli. It has delicate and sweet vanilla flavors and essence with instant yeast. One pack of Lievito Pane Degli Angeli contains a total of 10 envelopes.

All of your baked goodies are well-enriched with vanilla flavors and sweet fragrances with a sachet of Lievito Pane Degli Angeli.

It is an ideal product for all the sweet recipes that require a yeast addition. Moreover, the gluten-free nature adds up more value for this Italian baking powder and yeast.

Lievito Pane Degli Angeli Substitute

Due to the lesser availability of Lievito Pane Degli Angeli in markets or in local grocery stores near you, it might be sometimes hard for you to find this amazing product.

If you are a lover of Italian flavored muffins, pastries, sponge cakes, and fondant cakes, we have some substitutes for you.

Use the following alternatives if your recipe calls for Lievito Pane Degli Angeli and you are out of this product.

  1. Baking Powder – Most Convenient Substitute

Lievito Pane Degli Angeli can be substituted well with 1:1 of baking powder. Since baking powder is extensively used in kitchens and almost available in all the kitchens and grocery stores, you wouldn’t have any issues with substituting Lievito Pane Degli Angeli with baking powder.

Add one tablespoon of baking powder instead of Lievito Pane Degli Angeli in your Italian dessert recipe, and you are good to go.

  1. Baking Powder With A Hint Of Vanilla Powder – Perfect Substitute

Lievito Pane Degli Angeli contains a hint of vanilla with a dominant flavor of baking powder. If you are willing to have your Italian muffins have that signature taste and flavors, then just add a pinch of vanilla powder in the baking powder and you may go around with your recipe. Make sure you don’t add too much vanilla powder. The flavors should be subtle. Moreover, vanilla is available easily in markets so you wouldn’t have any issues finding it.

  1. Pure Vanilla Extract With Baking Powder – Another Good Alternative

This substitute option is for those who don’t have vanilla powder usually available in their kitchens. A little bit of vanilla extract can easily replace vanilla powder. Moreover, vanilla extract will maintain the true rich flavor as well. Make sure that you don’t add the extra quantity of vanilla extract as it might turn your recipe bad.


Lievito Pane Degli Angeli is a great Italian leavening agent with a subtle taste of vanilla. This product can be used to make Italian cakes, muffins, and pastries. We hope that the above three substitutes will be helpful to you.

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