Is Instant Pot Supposed To Make Noise? (Answered)

is instant pot supposed to make noise
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is instant pot supposed to make noise

If you’ve just made the switch from regular pressure cookers to Instant Pot, you might have a few questions about them. No one can immediately get the hand of an instant Pot when it’s their first time trying one. You need to know about what to do, which buttons to press, and which ones to not. You’ll need to learn more about the answers to all these questions if you want to get the hang of using your Instant Pot. One of the most popularly asked questions regarding Instant Pots is whether or not they should be making noise.

Is an Instant Pot Supposed to Make Noise?

There isn’t actually any specific answer to this question. In the end, the main task of an Instant Pot is to serve as a more convenient replacement for pressure cookers. As you may know, pressure cookers are bound to make noise at some times, and this is the case for these pots as well. To put it simply, some types of noises coming from your Instant Pot are normal, while others can indicate damage or other harmful effects of the sort. More about these noises are given below, along with whether or not they are harmful.


Hissing is mainly normal in pressure cookers. There is bound to be a hissing sound coming from your pot when all the pressure inside of it is being released. This is why you’ll usually have nothing to worry about if your Instant Pot is making a hissing sound when you’re trying to cook something inside of it. However, there can be a problem if the hissing continues for an excessive amount of time.

It is likely that there is some sort of problem with the sealing aspect of the pot if it continues to hiss for long amounts of time. The gasket could be damaged, while it is also possible that it is simply not seated properly. It is recommended that you immediately start troubleshooting if your Instant Pot keeps hissing for long amounts of time. Once you find the problem, get rid of it and you’ll be able to stop your pot from excessively hissing.


It is recommended that you immediately stop using the Instant Pot if it starts beeping at any time. This is due to the fact that the beeping symbolizes a major problem. The Instant Pot only beeps when it is starting to overheat. When this happens, it is likely that the issue could result in some permanent damage. This is why you should stop using the Instant Pot immediately and try to prevent it from heating any further.

There are multiple reasons why the pot might overheat. The main reason is the lack of liquid. Your Instant Pot will begin to overheat if there isn’t enough liquid inside of it. This is why you should make sure that you never add anything lower than the recommended amount of liquid. Another way to prevent further overheating is to quickly cancel any task that the pot was performing. After you do so, there is likely a quick-release button on your pot that you can press in order to get rid of steam and allow the Instant Pot to cool down.


This noise also symbolizes trouble, as Instant Pots don’t usually shake as a result of too much pressure. Pressure cookers usually start shaking when there is too much pressure inside of them. This happens when the valve isn’t able to release the pressure in time. The pot will make a rattling type of sound when it starts to shake. It is recommended that you cancel any processes when the pot starts to shake and try to release the pressure inside.


As you can see, it is both normal and unusual for your Instant Pot to be making noise. In the end, whether or not your pot should be making noise comes down to the noise in question. Hissing is a usual sound but any other sound such as beeping or rattling can be harmful, as mentioned above. Carefully read the guide above in order to learn more about this and how you can fix any problem that might occur.

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