Instant Vortex Panel Not Sensitive: 4 Ways To Fix

instant vortex panel not sensitive
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instant vortex panel not sensitive

The air fryers have become a go-to kitchen appliance for people who like healthy food. Upon seeing this demand, Instant has released the Instant Vortex, which has become the most preferred air fryer out there.

On the contrary, some users have been complaining about the Instant Vortex panel not sensitive. This means that the panel doesn’t work when users touch it or the buttons. Let’s see how we can fix this insensitivity issue with the panel!

Instant Vortex Panel Not Sensitive

1) Power

First of all, there are high chances that you haven’t ensured proper power connection, which is why the panel isn’t working. If that’s the case, the users have got to check the power cable. The power cable is responsible for switching on the air fryer. So, make sure that you’ve plugged the power cable firmly into the power socket and air fryer.

In addition, there are chances of damages to the power cable. This is because the damaged cable can impact the power connection and lead to the insensitivity of the panel. That being said, it’s best that you remove the current power cable and replace it with a new one. Also, make sure to use the power cable from a reliable brand so it doesn’t wear out.

Thirdly, when it comes down to the power connection, the users must check the power sources, the electric switch. We are suggesting this because sometimes, the electric switch is non-functional and is causing the power interruption. You could try testing the electric switch by plugging in some other electric appliance. If the other appliance doesn’t work either, just use Instant Vortex in a different electric switch.

2) Reboot

In case you’ve ruled out all the possible power-related issues, but the panel is still not sensitive, we suggest that you reboot the air fryer. For this purpose, you need to take out the power cord and let the air fryer rest for fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, insert the power cord and try using the panel. If it works, good for you. However, if it doesn’t, you can move to the next fix!

3) Reset

The reset is one of the most promising fixes. This is because it can delete all the incorrect settings that might be causing the panel issues. That being said, you must reset the Instant Vortex. For this purpose, switch the Instant Vortex in the standby mode. Once in standby mode, press and hold the time+ and temperature+ buttons for around five seconds. As a result, the Instant Vortex will reset. Keep in mind that the Instant Vortex will beep twice once the reset is complete, so look out for the beeps!

4) Customer Support

In case these troubleshooting methods don’t fix the panel issues, there are chances that the panel has been damaged. In order to fix this, you will need to get the panel replaced. However, we don’t suggest a local repair for this. So, just call the customer support of Instant, elaborate the issue, and they will schedule the repair services for you!

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