Instant Vortex Not Turning On: 6 Ways To Fix

instant vortex not turning on
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instant vortex not turning on

In case you are looking for an air fryer, we are pretty sure that Instant Vortex would be the first choice. This is because the Instant Vortex is designed to cook your food to perfection without compromising on the health point. On the other hand, some users are complaining about Instant Vortex not turning on. So, let’s check out how it can be fixed!

Instant Vortex Not Turning On

1) Unplug

Before you get into the technical troubleshooting methods, it’s best to start with unplugging. This is because rebooting the Instant Vortex is likely to resolve the majority of issues, including the “not turning one” issue. That being said, remove the power cable and wait for a few minutes before switching it on. We suggest keeping out the power cable for ten to twenty minutes because it helps reset the Instant Vortex.

2) Power Cable

In case unplugging the air fryer doesn’t work, you could tweak it around with the power cable. First of all, the users must check the power cable is properly and firmly plugged into the power socket. In addition to plugging the power cable into the power socket, the users need to check that the power cable is tightly connected to the air fryer.

Secondly, you need to check for the damages and functionality issues in the power cables. For this purpose, you need to see if there are physical damages to the cable. Even if there are no physical damages, the internal continuity issues might be causing this issue. In either case, you will need to get the cable repaired or replaced. Personally, we suggest the replacement of the power cable.

3) Fuse

Along with checking the power cables, the users need to check out the fuse. This is because the fuse can get burnt or short and will impact the functionality. In case your Instant Vortex’s cable has a three-leg switch, there will be a fuse, and it might have burnt. However, the two-leg switch will not have a fuse. That being said, you need to change the switch and make sure it’s from a reliable source. Once the fuse is changed, Instant Vortex is highly likely to resolve the functionality issues.

4) Socket

If you have ruled out the fuse and power cable issues, you need to check out the power socket. This is because the power socket is actually the source of power. In case the power socket is not working, the Instant Vortex won’t turn on. That being said, you could try using Instant Vortex in a different power socket and make sure it’s working. On the other hand, the users can also call in the electrician to fix the power socket to ensure it’s running like a charm.

5) The Basket & Timer

While you are using the Instant Vortex, it might not be working because you haven’t placed the basket in the air fryer correctly. First of all, you need to remove the basket and insert it properly. On the other hand, if the basket isn’t clicking in, the users need to check for clogging. For instance, if there are food particles or grease clogged in, you will need to clean it up and try adding the basket again.

In addition to the basket, the users must check the timer. That’s to say, because if you haven’t turned on the timer, Instant Vortex won’t work. For this purpose, you will need to ensure that the timer is running as it should. So, once the basket is clicked in and the timer is switched on, the air fryer will start working properly.

6) Mechanical Issues

In some cases, the users might struggle with “not switching on” issues because of the mechanical issues. To be honest, the mechanical issues can be pretty complicated. Also, not everyone is trained and skilled to handle mechanical issues because they might include electrical components. That being said, you will need to call in the technician to fix the mechanical issues.

In addition to this, if the Instant Vortex is in warranty, you could call Instant customer support. That’s to say because with the warranty, they will repair Instant Vortex for free. Also, you could return and replace the Instant Vortex from the store that you bought it from.

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