Instant Vortex E1 And E2 Error Message: How To Fix?

instant vortex e1 and e2 error message
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instant vortex e1 and e2 error message

Everyone is adopting a healthy lifestyle, and it starts with the food, right? This is one of the prime reasons that people have started using air fryers because they cook crispy and delicious food without using oil. For the same reason, Instant has come out with Instant Vortex. But again, there are Instant Vortex E1 and E2 error messages. In this article, we have the solutions for these error messages!

Instant Vortex E1 And E2 Error Message

E1 Error Message

1) Water Quantity

While using the Instant Vortex, it’s likely to occur when the water levels are lower than the minimum level. This is because it triggers up the sensor, and the air fryer will stop working. As a result, the ER error message will appear on display. For this purpose, the users need to switch off the Instant Vortex and increase the water quantity. Once the water is added up to the minimum level mark, the E1 error will go away.

2) Temperature

The internal temperature of the Instant Vortex matters a great deal. That being said, if the air fryer has cooled down, it is likely to result in the E1 error message. For this purpose, the users will need to switch off the Instant Vortex and let it cool down. Then, preheat the air fryer again, and it will work fine. Keep in mind that the air fryer must maintain the internal temperature.

3) Power Issues

There are various issues involved with the Instant Vortex power connection. First of all, the users need to check the power cable and ensure that it’s properly plugged into the power socket. So, remove the power cable and reinsert it firmly. Secondly, you need to check the circuit of the power socket because it might not be working.

In addition to this, you need to check the connection cable. In case the connection cable is damaged, you must get it repaired.

E2 Error Message

1) Anti-Dry Sensors

Well, if you read the manual, you would know that Instant Vortex has anti-dry sensors. When the anti-dry sensors come out loose, the E2 error message will be portrayed on display. As a result, the air fryer oven will stop working. For this purpose, the users need to send Instant Vortex to the repair center.

2) Overfilled Basket

When the basket of Instant Vortex is overfilled, that can be a reason for the E2 error message. For this reason, you will need to open up the air fryer oven and shake the basket. Shaking will scatter around the food ingredients, and the cooking function will resume again.

3) Overheating

The overheated Instant Vortex is likely to portray different error messages, and E2 is one of them. The overheating usually incurs with excessively-long cooking function. To fix this, the users must remove the power cable and let the Instant Vortex cool down. Once it’s cooled down, the overheating issue will be resolved, and the E2 error will go away.

The troubleshooting methods and fixes should fix the E1 and E2 error messages. On the contrary, if the error messages are still there, you can contact customer support for the replacement of the air fryer!

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