How To Tell If Dragon Fruit Has Gone Bad? – Check Your Fruit!

How to Tell if Dragon Fruit Has Gone Bad?
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How to Tell if Dragon Fruit Has Gone Bad?

Even though you’ll get better deals when purchasing fruit in bulk, the food don’t always last longer than a week. The freshness of the majority of fruits deteriorates at a rapid rate. So, it’s better to purchase fruit that can be consumed within two to three weeks.

That way, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits along with an exceptional taste of your favorite fruits before they spoil.  With that said, quite a few users have recently asked how to tell if dragon fruit has gone bad.

If you’re in a similar situation, then the following post will help. You’ll learn how to store dragon fruit and what signs to look for when the fruit starts going bad.

What Does a Dragon Fruit Look Like?

One of the most prominent features of dragon fruit (also called pitaya or strawberry pear) is its rich magenta shell. The fruit gets its name from the green scales that appear on the outer layer. On the inside of the fruit is a white juicy fruit with a similar texture to watermelon. It has tiny black seeds that are safe to eat.

There are other colors that you can get such as yellow or red-skinned dragon fruits. When the fruit is ripe the colors are vibrant and the flesh is fragrant. Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit that’s enjoyed all over the world but mostly in South America and Mexico.

How Long Does Dragon Fruit Usually Last?

How long your dragon fruit lasts will depend on how you store your fruit. Perfectly ripe dragon fruit will last between two to three days at room temperature. But if you live in a warmer region, then the ripe dragon fruit can start going bad after a day.

On the other hand, if you’ve bought unripe dragon fruit you’ll need to leave it outside of the fridge in a warm room so it can ripen. How long the dragon fruit takes to ripen will depend on the ripening stage it’s in. Check your dragon fruit every day to ensure it doesn’t rot.

What Happens if You Eat Dragon Fruit That’s Gone Bad?

Eating rotten dragon fruit may have the same effects on your body as other types of rotten fruit. You may experience symptoms such as:

Asian woman stomachache feel pain
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  • Stomach cramps
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Body aches and pains
  • Fever

Eating any type of spoiled food can cause food poisoning. If you suspect that you have food poisoning from eating bad dragon fruit, then we suggest you visit your doctor. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and drink apple juice to bind your stomach.

How to Tell if Dragon Fruit Has Gone Bad?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if a dragon fruit has gone bad because of the dark outer layer. But there are tell-tale signs that your fruit is starting to go off. In this section, you’ll learn what signs to look for when dragon fruit goes bad.

  • Color Changes

The color of the dragon fruit is one of the biggest indicators that can help you determine if this fruit has gone bad. When the dragon fruit starts rotting, the inner color changes and becomes a darker shade of brown.

You’ll want to cut the fruit open to see if the discoloration has run through the fruit. Even a few botches of this darker shade will indicate that the dragon fruit isn’t safe to eat. As long as there are no blotches or a dark brown shade on the outer layer, then there is nothing to worry about.

Rotten purple dragon fruit against the background
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If you want to add dragon fruit to one of your recipes, check the color of the flesh first. Rotten dragon fruit can affect the taste of your food if you’re adding the fruit to a recipe.

  • Look at the Dragon Fruit’s Leaves

Another indication that your dragon fruit has gone bad is the appearance of its leaves. A ripe dragon fruit’s leaves will be bright green and perked up. But a dragon fruit that is over-ripe or rotten will have leaves that are either dry or withered.

The best way to tell if your dragon fruit is still safe to eat is to cut the fruit open. Sometimes the leaves may be withered but the flesh inside is still good.

  • The Softness of the Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruits that are over ripe or rotten will be mushy and may ooze juice. But when it’s just ripe it will have the right softness. Gently press on your dragon fruit to check its ripeness. If it’s too soft and the skin breaks then the fruit is rotten on the inside.

However, if the fruit has a slight softness but still has some firmness to it then it means it’s just right to eat. You may only have a few days to enjoy the fruit, so it would be best to not let it over-ripe or go rotten.

  • Texture and Taste Blandness

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Sometimes the color of the dragon fruit still looks vibrant but the flesh on the inside is starting to go bad. You’ll notice that the texture of the dragon fruit has changed. Perhaps it’s more glassy or mushy. Additionally, you’ll notice that the taste isn’t as fruity. The dragon fruit will be bland and unappealing.

At this stage, you won’t get sick from eating the dragon fruit, but it won’t be pleasant to eat. We suggest that you stop eating the dragon fruit and rather feed it to the birds outside. Chop the dragon fruit into cubes and place it on a plate and leave it outside for the birds to snack on.

Then go to the store and get yourself a batch of dragon fruits that are ripe so you can enjoy your snack. With your new batch of dragon fruits keep them in your fridge to prevent them from spoiling.

How to Prevent Dragon Fruit From Going Bad

Dragon fruit can ripen fast especially if you live in a hot and humid region. If you’ve bought a whole box or bag of dragon fruit you’ll need to know how to keep them from rotting. Here are tips to prevent your delicious dragon fruits from going bad.

  • Keep Dragon Fruit in the Fridge

Dragon fruit in the fridge
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One of the best ways to preserve dragon fruit is by keeping it in your fridge. It will stay fresh in your fridge for a few days, but you can extend the preservation time by decreasing the temperature.

As long as the fruit is not peeled or cut into pieces, there is a chance that you can preserve it for more than a week. Grab a plastic resealable bag and put the dragon fruit into it. Store the unpeeled dragon fruit in the fridge at the lowest setting.

The dragon fruit will last over three weeks while also retaining its original flavor. This method slows down the ripening process. So, you won’t have to worry about any absence of flavor or texture from the dragon fruit.

  • Freeze Your Dragon Fruit

If you want your dragon fruit to last more than a week then the best method is to freeze the fruit. However, it should be noted that after defrosting the fruit, it may change the texture of the flesh.

So we only recommend this method if you want to make iced dragon fruit smoothies for a hot summer’s day. For this method follow these easy steps:

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  1. Using a sharp knife remove the outer layer of the dragon fruit.
  2. Cut your dragon fruit into slices or cubes
  3. Place the fruit in a Ziploc bag or plastic container
  4. Place the fruit in the deep freeze
  5. Once frozen, take the dragon fruit out of the container
  6. Place the pieces in a blender with additional fruit juice
  7. Pour the contents into a tall glass and enjoy

Keeping your dragon fruit in the deep freeze will preserve the fruit for months.

Keep Dragon Fruit in Airtight Containers

If you don’t want to keep your dragon fruit in the fridge or deep freeze then we suggest placing it into an airtight bag or container. Put whole dragon fruit in a bag because cutting it will shorten the preservation time.

Keeping your dragon fruit in an airtight container will preserve the fruit for up to a week. Sealing the dragon fruit will also prevent pests from eating the fruit.

Before placing your dragon fruit in an airtight container, ensure you wash the outer layer first. Keep the container in a cool and dry environment.

To Conclude

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The flesh inside the dragon fruit will change color from bright to brown if it’s spoiled. Along with that, the texture of the dragon fruit also deteriorates and it won’t be as firm as fresh dragon fruit. All these indicators will help you identify whether or not it’s safe to use dragon fruit in your recipes.

It all comes down to the time you’ve stored the dragon fruit and its storage conditions. As long as the temperature was managed and the unpeeled dragon fruit was kept in a sealed bag, then the fruit will retain freshness for a week.

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