6 Amazing Dragon Fruit Substitute Ideas

Dragon Fruit Substitute
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Dragon Fruit Substitute

While some people do say that Dragon Fruit tastes like Styrofoam, no one can deny that this fruit is pretty good for your immune system. It is a rich source of Vitamin C and helps your body stay resilient. However, people still have trouble sourcing this fruit and often switch to alternatives for Dragon Fruit. 

Dragon Fruit Substitutes

If you’re also trying to improve your diet and don’t know which Dragon Fruit substitute to use, then going with any of the options mentioned here should serve you perfectly. Each of these alternatives brings the same richness to your diet while also offering a better flavor and texture to every meal. So, go through this list and pick a substitute that best fits your mood. 

  1. Watermelon

While this option is not as firm as the dragon fruit, the flesh is juicer and sweeter. You’ll enjoy a better and a fuller meal when going with a watermelon over the dragon fruit. On top of that, it is widely available at all stores, and it is not that hard to adjust a watermelon in each meal. You can also choose a lighter shade of watermelon to get the same wet Styrofoam texture and taste from this option. 

  1. Pear

The primary reason why so many users go with pear over dragon fruit is the grainy texture and firmer structure. The taste of this fruit is pretty mild when you’re using a pear, which is very similar to dragon fruit. You can also go with ripe pears if you wish for a sweeter flavor. So, depending upon the flavor that you’re aiming for, going with pear over dragon fruit will serve you perfectly in terms of texture and consistency. 

  1. Pineapples

If you’re looking for the best nutrition-rich alternative, then going with pineapples is not a bad choice. This fruit might be hard to handle at first, but if you have the right tools, it is not that hard to peel and serve pineapples. Moreover, the flesh is softer and juicier than any of the options mentioned here. Some users do say that the pineapples are a bit too sweet, but it all comes down to personal preferences, and their health benefits are unmatched. So, there is no harm in trying out pineapples as dragon fruit substitutes. 

  1. Kiwi

Kiwi is much smaller in size and offers a different texture, but its unique flavor and bright green flesh attract many users. You’ll also enjoy crunchy seeds with Kiwi, and it is one of the easiest fruits to peel and serve. A major difference between dragon fruit and kiwi is that its flavor is not that bland, and you’ll enjoy an intense presence from this substitute. 

So, if you’re not really a fan of the wet Styrofoam flavor offered by dragon fruit, going with kiwi is not a bad choice. Moreover, Kiwi is loaded with Vitamin C, and you won’t lose anything in the nutritional department when going with this option. 

  1. Strawberries

It is true that strawberries are much tangier in flavor, but if you’re able to source pale strawberries, they will bring a bland flavor similar to dragon fruit to your recipe. However, if you don’t mind the tangy flavor, then going with ripe bright red strawberries is not a bad choice. It all comes down to the flavor you’re aiming for, and you can select from different shades of strawberries in your local market to find an option that perfectly matches your taste. 

  1. Rambutan

Lastly, Rambutan might be an unpopular option when compared with dragon fruit, but you’ll enjoy the same texture and almost a similar shape as this fruit. The availability of this fruit is also not that great, but if you’re able to source fresh Rambutan from your local dealer, there is no harm in adding them to your recipe. 

Overall, most people either go with melons or pears when substituting for dragon fruit. If you’re looking for a juicy and sweet alternative, then melon would be the better choice. On the other hand, if you wish for the same mild and bland flavor, then pear will serve you perfectly. Each of these fruits is easy to find in your local mart and will easily fit in your budget.

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