How To Light A Fondue Burner? Here’s A Helpful Info!

how to light a fondue burner
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how to light a fondue burner

Fondue is one of the many popular cooking methods that are being used today. This particular method of cooking is mostly used when serving a small group of people. Furthermore, this can be used in order to cook meals like meat, bread, cheese, and more! 

How to Light A Fondue Burner

If you have a fondue set at home or are planning on buying one, then you may have noticed an alcohol burner that usually comes along with it. The purpose of the burner is to help cook the fondue by using the correct type of fuel. 

As simple as the whole process may sound, we have received multiple reports from people not being able to grasp the idea of using the burner. To put it simply, they have been asking around the question “How to light a fondue burner?”. If you are also among these users, then here is everything that you need to know! 

Things To Know Before Lighting A Fondue

As mentioned earlier, a fondue burner usually uses a specific type of fuel that is used in order to light up the fondue. In most cases, the type of fuel used in order to light the fondue might also depend on the fondue that you are trying to cook. However, most fondue burners use liquid alcohol.  

The problem with using it is that it can oftentimes be really dangerous as liquid alcohol can easily be spilled. Furthermore, due to alcohol being highly flammable, you can’t find it anywhere online. As a result, fondue gel fuel is a much better alternative that is used.  

Before lighting the fondue itself, one thing to keep in mind is that you should never fully fill the alcohol burner especially when it is hot.  

Ideally, you would want to put the burner someplace away from the pot where you can safely use it. When attempting to refill, make sure that the burner has completely cooled off. Once it is cooled, you can start pouring the liquid into the bottom part of the burner.  

You may notice the burner to have some sort of holes or mesh. As soon as the liquid starts reaching this mesh or holes, stop pouring. In case you accidentally spilled any liquid, be sure to wipe it off before using it.  

Afterward, put the burner back to its original spot (under the fondue pot). As a precaution, make sure there isn’t anything flammable near the burner. Lastly, open the holes and light the burner using a lit match. As soon as the burner is lit, you can then adjust the burner to the desired temperature. 

The Bottom Line

Most beginners don’t really have an idea of how to light a fondue burner. In case you find yourself in the same spot, we highly recommend reading the instructions laid out in the article above.  

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