Meat Fondue Broth vs Oil Meat Fondue – Which One?

meat fondue broth vs oil
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Meat Fondue Broth vs Oil

Cooking meat is a sensitive matter because you have to change the cooking time and preparation method with the different meat cuts. One famous method of cooking meat is fondue which is all about cooking meat with hot liquid until it’s properly done according to the consumer’s preference. However, there is a difference between meat broth vs oil fondue, and we are shedding light on both of them!

What Is Fondue?

This is a popular meat cooking method, and it’s actually a convenient way of cooking meat as well as seafood. In addition, this cooking method is suitable for preparing the assorted range of dipping sauces to be served with different food. With this cooking method, the meat is pierced with wooden skewers or fondue forks, which are then allowed to be cooked in the hot liquid until the meat is well done. Having said that, one can use broth as well as oil for cooking the meat (oil and broth are used as cooking liquids).

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Meat Fondue Broth vs Oil

Meat Fondue Broth

The broth fondue is commonly known as shabu shabu, especially in Japan, where this cooking method has become extremely popular. If you want to use the broth for fondue, you need to remember that it will add more richness to the meat because it helps take on flavors from different ingredients. To illustrate, if you need to cook beef, you have to use beef broth. In addition, the users can add spices and herbs to the broth to improve the overall flavor.

For preparing the broth fondue, the meat is put in the freezer for around thirty minutes to ensure cutting is easier. Having said that, the meat needs to be cut into smaller and lean pieces and make the sauce with sour cream, mustard, chives, and wasabi. This sauce can be thinned with water, and salt and pepper can be added for seasoning. As far as the broth preparation is concerned, you need to use the fondue pot.

Coming back to the instructions, you need to add meat and sauce to the pan, and use the low simmer temperature for twenty minutes. After this, strain the mixture and remove the solid parts and keep the heating temperature at medium heat. Then, set your fondue pot, add broth, and make sure the temperature is maintained at the simmering point. Lastly, you can now experiment with different vegetables and meats, including potatoes, mushrooms, and carrots.

Oil Meat Fondue

With the oil meat fondue method, the diners are meant to cook their favorite food/meat on the long forks (yes, the fondue forks) when the pot is filled with oil and the oil needs to be hot. The best thing about oil meat fondue is that it helps keep the meal healthy as you start with the oil. For the most part, peanut butter oil is used because it has lower cholesterol and saturated fats. The oil in the pot has to be heated at 325-degrees Fahrenheit.

Once the oil is heated, the users can piece the meat pieces and cubes with the fondue forks and place them into the heated oil. Keep in mind that the meat pieces should be small and not bigger than the size of the palm. In addition, the side dipping sauce is also made with soy sauce and sour cream (the sour cream must be fat-free) to add a punch of flavor to the meal. The oil fondue is a suitable choice for cooking different types of meat, such as seafood, fish, beef, chicken, and lamb.

The best thing about oil fondue is that it is suitable for making the main entrée as well as an appetizer. However, cooking with oil fondue demands a promising cooking station. For instance, you need to use a special fondue pot that’s safe to be put on the table and can keep the oil hot. For those who don’t know, the fondue cooking sets are available in the market, which comes with metal pots, stands, a burner, and a tray for protecting the table from heat burns.

To summarize, when you are following the fondue method, it is better to cook the fondue on the stovetop to make sure it’s heated to the desired temperature before it’s moved to the fondue pot. Also, if you have invited guests, get more fondue pots!

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